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Topic: One Card..
Message: Posted by: DonEngland (Jan 13, 2010 04:17PM)
Or 21
Message: Posted by: Chappo (Jan 14, 2010 12:04AM)
Great little routine Don. Had a chuckle at the final production too.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jan 14, 2010 12:43AM)
Don your routines are always top notch in my book
Message: Posted by: Blondin (Jan 14, 2010 08:59AM)
Great routine Don.
Message: Posted by: surryhills (Jan 14, 2010 02:51PM)
When I watched the video for the first time I thought you must have "Giant Hands" ;).
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Jan 16, 2010 09:05AM)
A great transposition of David Roth one coin routine to cards with a Vernon addition and a lot of original ideas for a properly deceptive handling. There are not many routine that use cards only as a prop independently from their expectable use. That's being creative.

Message: Posted by: antonio123 (Jan 19, 2010 02:12AM)
Message: Posted by: DonEngland (Jan 20, 2010 12:42PM)
Lawrence, I first played with a regular card after Slydini. I then thought
of the mini card for more convincing vanishes and finally added the Roth finish
to have a complete routine. My best thinking is a stand-up routine but all I have is a Webcam to film.
surryhills...the next thing needed is Giant Hands...
Thank you all for the remarks..
Lawrence...i think you will agree the creative process is its own reward.
Thanks again.