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Topic: Thumbcuff/ handcuff
Message: Posted by: LoyaLover (Jan 14, 2010 09:56PM)
Probably the best routine I've seen about Thumbcuff was in Jim Tyler's Pocket Miracles. Uses a thumbcuff that I believe most of us are familar with.

Having said that, I never felt that layman see it as a regular handcuff. Most of the handcuff we see on tv has two rings held together by a chain right?

The other day, I saw a friend who wore one on his necklace. Its a thumbcuff that looked like a handcuff. Its the small and cheap version, that's just for gags. It doesn't even have a key to open up.

But I was just wondering, have anyone came across thumbcuff designed like handcuffs and have been using them for your routines? And could anyone direct me to the different thumbcuffs available? Couldn't seem to find any varieties at Murphys.
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Jan 15, 2010 02:01PM)
I believe you have thumbcuffs and mini-handcuffs confused. Only one old-time manufacturer made a set that locked, more for a jewelry box then a restraint

There are two people who make miniature replicas of handcuffs, two and two only. Neither of them has any for sale.

Commercially available thumbcuff have two Bows that swing-through a common frame - which is not articulated.

No matter the manufacturer or the methods of escape, most any routine can be applied to most any thumbcuff, thumbstock or thumbscrew

Pictured are thumbstocks