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Topic: Rules for posting in this forum (Please Read)
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jun 23, 2003 05:07AM)
[b]Dvd's, Video, Audio tapes & Compact discs:[/b] This forum is for the [b]review[/b] of dvd's, videos, audio tapes and compact discs only. Reviews on any other items will be removed with no explanation given, [i]no exceptions[/i]!

By reviews we mean quality of the disc or tape, the value of the effects or subject taught, etc. This area is not to debate ethics or whether or not an item belongs to a particular publisher, company, author, etc.

Please remember, this area is for reviews [i]exclusively[/i]. All other subject matter will be removed (e.g. Announcing new DVD's on the market, questions on where a product can be found, whether or not the publisher is a good one, etc).

In addition, (creators/authors/distributors/manufacturers/their employees or affiliates) of effects, books, dvd's, etc are prohibited from either [i]requesting[/i] or [i]implementing[/i] a review of their [i]own[/i] creation in these areas, or announcing a forthcoming product (e.g, Just released!, No accepting Pre-Orders!, etc). Doing so is not only bad form, but constitutes nothing more then a blatant attempt at receiving free advertising. If you are the creator/author/distributor or manufacturer of an item and would like to purchase a banner and become a Café sponsor, please send an email to: stevebrooks@themagiccafe.com
If you would like a review of said item, please see the [b]Catch of the day![/b] forums. :bwink: