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Topic: Magic podcast?
Message: Posted by: kcg5 (Jan 17, 2010 03:12PM)
Does anyone listen to them? There are several, magic week in review, itricks, ect. News and interviews... Anyone have any reviews on these? Thoughts?

(sorry if this is the wrong area..)
Message: Posted by: Magnus Eisengrim (Jan 17, 2010 04:32PM)
I've just started "This week in magic" during my commute. It's pretty good, but the hosts have a nasty habit of interrupting their guests. I'm hoping that will improve with time.

Message: Posted by: alpha alex (Jan 17, 2010 04:40PM)
I listen to itricks sometimes
depending on the interview

is ok.. not the best radio nor podcast there is
but is ok
Message: Posted by: kcg5 (Jan 17, 2010 05:20PM)
"magic week" (MNW) has a couple interviews with Mr.Brooks.

John, how many have you listened to? How modern (xcm, ect) is it?
Message: Posted by: kcg5 (Jan 17, 2010 05:23PM)
John, is it called "this week in magic"? I can't find it
Message: Posted by: Magnus Eisengrim (Jan 17, 2010 06:42PM)
Kevin, it is linked at the magic newswire page http://www.linkingpage.com/

The host posts here as magicnewswire.

I downloaded the past 4 episodes as a sampler. I'll definitely keep tuning in for a while.

Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 17, 2010 08:50PM)
Thanks for the feedback John

I actually do 2 podcasts. They are both in the same feed at iTunes listed as The Magic Newswire.

One is the "Spirit of Magic." This s the more serious "NPR" style of interview. If you go to Magic Newswire.com and look in the left column, you'll find a list of our past guests and can click on their name to listen to the interview that you are interested in. We just posted our 181st interview which was with Paul Vigil.

In addition, we recently started a new podcast called "This Week in Magic." The concept is that of a group of magicians getting together after a convention in the pub and talking magic with a special guest. It is a MUCH more casual chat as you would expect n such an environment and the one that John was mentioning.

Hope that is helpful.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at MagicNewswire@gmail.com or to PM me here.

We just finished recording the latest This Week in Magic with Jamy Ian Swiss and it should go up late tomorrow.
Message: Posted by: Magnus Eisengrim (Jan 17, 2010 11:16PM)
Hey Dodd. Thanks for the second link. I'll check out Spirit of Magic this week.

And thanks for the commuting pleasure the past four This Week in Magic have given me.

Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 18, 2010 09:32AM)
My pleasure John,
At this time, all of the shows are in the same feed. If you click on the iTune's link in my signature, you'll find the subscription link in the iTunes Store. Don't let the word "subscription" fool anyone. It is a free podcast and there is no cost to subscribe via iTunes.

Alternatively, you can simply listen to the show on the website using the bult in player, or you can download that MP3 file using the link beneath that. The MP3 can then by transfered to your phone, mp3 player, burned to CD or handled in whatever way that you deal with potable media.

Hope this is helpful to anyone new to this, but feel free to let me know if I can help in any way.

Thanks for listening everyone. I am blown away by our audience size. When I started the Spirit of Magic interviews in 2005, I was thrilled to get 100 listeners. Now it is in the thousands and continuing to grow! Please tell your friends!
Message: Posted by: Darth Ewok (Jan 18, 2010 10:28AM)
I was a massive fan of both go magic go and the magic lantern. magic newswire has some pretty good stuff on it. got into it during the Celebracadabra coverage. (i liked the show, don't hate me)
Message: Posted by: Renaldo (Jan 18, 2010 11:05AM)
I've been listening to the Ellusionist podcast this week, and they're pretty enjoyable. There's not many of them, and they're a lot more 'homegrown' than I'd expect from a company like E. What I do like about them is that they are very laidback and they let the guests actually talk during the interviews, unlike some of the others.

I'll definitely be checking out Magic Newswire now.
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 18, 2010 12:54PM)
Thanks Renaldo. Let me know if you have any questions.
Message: Posted by: snape (Jan 18, 2010 01:21PM)
I listen to many of your podcasts, Dodd, and greatly enjoy them all. Any chance of your hinting at who your next interview guest is going to be?
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 18, 2010 02:28PM)
We'll have Shawn Farquhar on the next This Week in Magic which we'll record sunday. Upcoming interview guests on The Spirit of Magic are Bill Malone, Andrew Goldenhersh & Nicholas Johnson from the Real Hustle Australia.
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 18, 2010 03:47PM)
Jamy Ian Swiss is our guest on this week in magic. Scott Wells was recording form a remote location during the annual Houston Area magicians holiday party last night so we had a few surprise guests. Enjoy! http://bit.ly/4oF4dW
Message: Posted by: danielluskmagic (Jan 19, 2010 12:36PM)
The podcast for the Fellowship of Christian Magicians is posted once a month on iTunes and at http://www.themagicpodcast.com
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 20, 2010 10:54AM)
On 2010-01-18 14:21, snape wrote:
I listen to many of your podcasts, Dodd, and greatly enjoy them all. Any chance of your hinting at who your next interview guest is going to be?

Forgot to mention Paul Gertner
Message: Posted by: BAGWIZ (Jan 20, 2010 04:34PM)
Based on the interview with Jamy Ian Swiss, I learned I really won't have time to listen to these podcasts anymore. Intead, I need to practice and perfect the center deal and other move monkey sleights, just in case I need them one day in the future. And besides, who among us wants to be viewed as a "hack" in the all-knowing eyes of Mr. Swiss? Not me, that's for sure!
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 21, 2010 05:48PM)
Shawn Farquhar joins the Magic Newswire as a field reporter and interviews the amazing Bob Fitch! http://bit.ly/6LR8fX
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 26, 2010 10:39PM)
As promised... here's our chat with Shawn on the most recent episode of [url=http://bit.ly/bCx3Py] This Week in Magic[/url]. I'll be interested to hear your follow-up comments after listening. Enjoy! http://bit.ly/bCx3Py
Message: Posted by: ScottRSullivan (Jan 27, 2010 10:39AM)
On 2010-01-18 11:28, Darth Ewok wrote:
I was a massive fan of both go magic go and the magic lantern. magic newswire has some pretty good stuff on it. got into it during the Celebracadabra coverage. (i liked the show, don't hate me)

Thanks, Darth. It was too much fun to do the show. Pepka and I keep tossing around the idea of starting up a new season of The Magic Lantern.

And my hat goes off to Dodd and also the guys at Go Magic Go.

I can attest to the tremendous time that goes into producing a podcast, and back when we did it, it was still a figure it out as you go, since podcasting was so new.

Thanks, Dodd, for keeping your podcasts going!!!
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 29, 2010 12:58PM)
Thanks so much Scott! It is indeed more work that people realize, but I find it very rewarding and it's my one way to give back to an art form that I love!

As I mentioned in the [url=http://www.geniimagazine.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/213323#Post213323]thread discussing the February issue of Genii[/url], I had a chance to interview cover-boy Michael Finney for the "Spirit of Magic" podcast before he hit the road for a series of gigs. I'd spoken briefly with him several times, but this was the first chance that I'd had to speak with him at any length. What a nice guy! I hop that you enjoy listening as much as I did talking to him! http://bit.ly/c3Li1u
Message: Posted by: michaangelo (Jan 29, 2010 01:10PM)
Awesome podcast with Michael Finney. Thank goodness for the kidnappers!
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Jan 29, 2010 05:35PM)
New version uploaded. Sorry for any inconvenience. Enjoy!
Message: Posted by: guitarmagic (Feb 9, 2010 01:57PM)
The Magic Newswire is a great resource for magicians ... love it.
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Feb 10, 2010 09:02AM)
Thanks! I do my best! ;-)

For those asking about upcoming guests, I'll have an interview with Kozmo uploaded tomorrow and Rick Roth of Outlaw Products next week. Johhnny Thompson will be our guest on the next "This Week in Magic" which will be uploaded on Tuesday.

Since my Last post, the interview with Paul Getner that I mentioned went online at : http://bit.ly/d21j13

Yesterday, I posted the latest episode of "This Week in Magic" (our more casual roundtable interviews) with Silly Billy aka David Kaye and Ken Scott to discuss family entertainment: http://bit.ly/bc53c3

Bill Gladwell signed on as one of our roving reporters and while at the 79th annual MagiFest he spoke to a huge list of people including: Tony Miller, Terry Ward, Mike Segal, Jamie Schoolcraft, Danny Garcia, Dan Harlan, Geoff Williams, Caleb Wells, Tim Hall, B Smoth, Ryan Bosley, Jep Hostetler, David McCreary, Michael Kent, Aaron DeLong, Shane Black & Carroll Baker. They are available at: http://bit.ly/cC5jkj

On the previous Spirit of Magic podcast I interviewed David Davinci, the ringmaster of the Ringling Bros. Circus new magic themed Gold Unit show. Yep that makes for two magic themed Ringling Shows touring the US: http://bit.ly/9VHYU5

And on the previous "This Week in Magic" conversation we were joined by Morgan Strebler and Nicholas Johnson: http://bit.ly/dh1Yoe

That should give you plenty to listen to for now. :)
Message: Posted by: goatears (Sep 7, 2010 09:58AM)
My Current favorite is The Magic Newswire for sure. I'd love to shake your hand Dodd.
Go Magic Go was my favorite but they no longer post
Penguin and Ellusionist podcasts tend to be 15 minute infomercials for their products.