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Topic: Here's a compilation of vids..with one live videos
Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Jan 18, 2010 10:59PM)
Hello to everyone here are a couple of videos for the Café members.... it's been one year since I started my magic journey and loving every minute of it. When I first started I got the negative comments about how I should quite... sorry I just laughed inside...that's to someone special on here and how since my writing skills I'm assuming aren't as good as others.. guess that has something to do with my Magic... just another giggle. I'm out of the water and breathing now. So for all of the people who are new on here and thinking to yourself can you do it. My answer is yes you can, I'm not saying I'm where I want or need to be I'm just utilizing this website for what it was meant for which is Magicians Helping Magicians. So if anyone who is new here would like some words of encouragement or some positive criticism please don't hesitate to write me...