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Topic: My first e-book: 1-2-3 trick (a mentalist card trick)
Message: Posted by: Zebaztian (Jan 21, 2010 11:02AM)
I just released my first e-book: http://www.lulu.com/product/e-boek/1-2-3-card/6274289?productTrackingContext=center_search_results

You show a deck of cards to a volunteer from the audience. Every card has a number written on the back. You explain that the cards are numbered from 1 to 52, in an order reflecting the structure of the human mind itself. The deck is fanned open to show that the cards are all normal – there is nothing out of the ordinary about them beyond the large numbers on their backs. The volunteer selects three cards, and these are laid on the table, face-up. The cards are turned over, and it is revealed that the volunteer has selected cards numbered 1, 2 and 3. Since this is far more than a coincidence, you explain that it is the product of mind control and behavioral psychology.

Do this wow-effect yourself. It’s easy to set up and easy to perform, but it will give you a great satisfaction and it will leave the spectator puzzled.

This trick is completely self working, it’s a really easy to do mental effect. Especially for beginners in mentalism, because the 1-2-3 card trick does not use difficult moves or other typical magician’s gadgets.

• No sleight of hand
• No rough/smooth
• No specially printed cards
• No gaffs or gimmicks
• No Svengali principle
• No stripper principle
• No marked cards
• No one way force deck
• No ultra thin cards
• No assistants or stooges

This trick can be done with just one single deck of cards. You don’t need a gaff or a gimmick, you don’t need to buy things at a magic shop. The only necessities are a permanent marker and a deck of cards. You can use any deck of cards, like an old deck which isn’t smooth anymore (no sleights are needed).