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Topic: David Blaine how he held his breath
Message: Posted by: TKO MAGIC (Jan 21, 2010 07:07PM)
Message: Posted by: Gilgamesh_The_Librarian (Jan 23, 2010 12:00PM)
Comes across well in this as a pretty grounded person - thanks for posting.
Message: Posted by: JoeJoe (Jan 23, 2010 07:26PM)
Very interesting ... good to hear it from David himself. :)

Message: Posted by: R.S. (Jan 24, 2010 08:53AM)
Interesting. Wow - I didn't realize his weight fluctuated that much!

PS - Now go back and watch almost the entire clip while holding your breath!

Message: Posted by: Jon Dee (Jan 25, 2010 06:21AM)
Thanks for the video, here's a how to from the coolest guy on the planet.