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Topic: Casual Magic Effects
Message: Posted by: lumberjohn (Jan 25, 2010 10:31AM)
I'm looking for several "casual" effects, which I would define as follows: something that appears totally impromptu (it need not actually be impromptu), uses everyday non-magicky objects, and requires little if any introduction. Card tricks, rope tricks, and coin tricks would be out as would anything that requires a theatrical presentation. Ideally, the effect itself would be in the process of doing something you normally do and would advance that goal rather than just appear like a demonstration.

An example might be taking out some money, noticing it is not enough to pay for something, and then turning it into more money and paying. These would be effects that you do not appear to be performing "for" anyone in particular, but simply appear to be the way you conduct your normal affairs. But they are intended to draw attention to you, and preferably cause someone to ask you about the effect and possibly open up further conversation.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Jan 25, 2010 11:10AM)
There are a ton of books and DVDs on impromptu magic, but here are a few of my favorites that I actively use: Revolution Ring Flight, mouth coils, Quantum Bender, Extreme Burn, Fraud, Prohibition, Mismade Bill, Crazy Man's Handcuffs, TT and my Flaming Wallet. There are tons more, but they involve rope, cards or other specific prop.

Message: Posted by: lumberjohn (Jan 25, 2010 11:34AM)

Thank you. Those are all great effects, but, other than the flaming wallet, not exactly what I'm looking for. These effects play more like "Watch while I do something magical for you; check out how normal this object is; now watch what I do; amazing, huh?" I'm looking for more effects in which the spectator's attention is on you naturally when you suddenly do something magical apparently without it seeming to be a big deal to you (hence the term "casual"), and seemingly oblivious to the effect it has on the spectator. The flaiming wallet is a great example of this, as it allows you to open the wallet (which unexectedly bursts into flames), remove your money, close your wallet, and pay your bill. Extreme burn would qualify if you could pay with the money at the end of the effect.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Morse (Jan 25, 2010 02:39PM)
Warning by Kostya Kimlat.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jan 25, 2010 04:41PM)
"Self Folding Dollar Bill".
"$100 Bill Switch".

(If you smoke)
"Color Changing BIC Lighter".
Cigarette rise from pack.

IT effects.

Coin productions.
Message: Posted by: Metatron (Jan 25, 2010 08:40PM)
I'm not sure if these qualify but off the top of my ...

When paying/tipping: The Osaka Bills

When handing out business card: Hover Card / Boomerang Card. Then casually hand it out.

When having a cigarette: Cigarette up nose. Produced from Mouth. Lit from flame from thumb. Then casually smoked.

When about to use any small object: Loops or ITR to float or animate. Then casually use object.

Produce food item or beverage and consume it.

Hmmm ... Food for thought ... ;)
Message: Posted by: animation (Jan 25, 2010 08:48PM)
Gum by Jeff Prace is a wonderful effect
Message: Posted by: lumberjohn (Jan 28, 2010 08:26AM)
These are some great ideas! Thank you.
Message: Posted by: MarvinWang (Feb 3, 2010 10:20PM)
Cash Out by Will Tsai!!
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Feb 4, 2010 09:11AM)
Energy Bill, uses a borrowed bill, and no gimmick, it is a pk effect, where the bill moves, it is very easy, and specs flip over it, also spin by Matt Sconce, I hope I got that name correct, another pk effect , where you can borrow a pen and make it spin, then the spec can grab it, also Powerball 60, just a few old loosing lottery tickets, that are in your wallet, I have them loose, and I use any reason to go to my wallet and the tickets, deliberately fall out, and I then use them in the original routine that came with it, I prefer this to , saying , here are some tickets...
Also, the Solstice Pad, it is a prop, but used properly, will not look like one, even better is, it will most likely be forgotten if you use time misdirection, and it's great to hold your packet effects, lottery tickets and gimmicked business cards,
Last, I would recomend,books, books and more books, the old billet stuff, is real mind reading magic with a napkin or any paper lying around.
ok one more, if you want to spend a few bucks, take out your chapstick and a bill, hand both to a spec, and do a progressive , what hand effect, completely natural everyday objects that everyone has in his pocket, I use Proximity from Promystic. Oh, and a ring flight with your everyday keys, not gimmicked, may be a little, but they are your everyday keys, so nothing more to carry.2 great and inexpensive ones are , Presto Ring Flight by Tony Clark and Villain by Kevin Parker, I also like a single pocket knife from Mogar, I really have 2, but to a spectator, it's one that changes 3 times, then I hand it out for them to play with.
some web links below, I like to use the Tony Clark ring flight without the paper
coin bend, that I bet you have in your house, and is very, very, very easy, no gimmicks to ditch in the end.
a clip of the Prox what hand effect
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Mar 17, 2010 08:48AM)
Does anybody here remember,... there was a website totally dedicated to this type of magic. I found it once, lost the URL, and was never able to find it again.

If anybody remembers that website, I sure would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction, because I love this kind of casual, natural magic too.

However the fire wallet mostly fell flat when I performed it in this manner. Many times, people would look right through me as if seeing someone with huge flames leaping from their wallet was an every day occurrence. Maybe they were brain dead.

But, yes surely their are tons of effects that will fit the bill.