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Topic: Inside Their Pockets series
Message: Posted by: samuelchong (Jan 29, 2010 04:20AM)
Does anyone own [url=http://www.murphysmagic.com/Search.aspx?q=Inside%20Their%20Pockets%20Number%20Three%3A%20The%20Belt%20Steal!%20-%20DVD]Inside Their Pockets[/url] series by Sam "The Gambit" Rubman? As for now, there are 4 volumes.
Message: Posted by: parmenion (Jan 31, 2010 06:55AM)
I think he's 17, he must be an expert in pockpocket for sure.
Message: Posted by: Zerububle (Jan 31, 2010 09:15AM)
This must be some kind of joke. Just looked and the tie steal DVD is only 10 mins long lol

would be useful to see this lad in action. If there is such a thing!
Message: Posted by: samuelchong (Jan 31, 2010 10:15AM)
No trailer, no YouTube.
Message: Posted by: gambitsflame (Feb 11, 2010 12:38AM)
Hey there, I know that while I don't seem that I would have experience due to my age (21) in fact I wouldn't trust me either. But I can promise that I have trained with James Coats, Nick Byrd, and a small group of pickpockets based out of chicago. What is taught on the video's is and has been tested over 4 years of performing around the country. I'm not out to make a quick buck, actually, I don't get royalties for this. What I wanted to do was teach other people what I have learned.
Message: Posted by: Zerububle (Feb 16, 2010 05:41PM)
Would love to see some footage of you in action. This might help sell your credibility

Although Bird & Coats aren't exactly respected in this industry ;)

Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Feb 18, 2010 06:52AM)
Thanks Zerububle,

You took the words outta my mouth.

Gamibitsflame- Unfortunately, at 21, many on here with have doubts about what you know about pickpocketing. I'm not saying you don't know.

But every person who sells a video on the internet has a video of them in action.

You say you work with a small group of pickpockets out of Chicago. Awesome. Give one a video camera and ask them to videotape you doing your steals and post it on youtube. If its good, then you will sell the dvds.

I'm honestly interested in your dvds, but without a video, its like asking someone to buy a car without letting them drive it.
Message: Posted by: gambitsflame (Mar 15, 2010 12:41PM)
The reason that I cannot post a video is due to the nature of the work that I did with them. I worked for a security company dealing with pickpockets, scam artists and con artists. We are involved in catching these kinds of people.

Now, I am not the "go-to" but when I can get a video of myself up, I will gladly post it here for you guys. Listen, I don't really recommend buying some of the other video's as they really aren't that great, but I do recommend these for a quick start in pickpocketing.
Message: Posted by: samuelchong (Mar 15, 2010 08:34PM)
I'll give it a try and buy the belt steal and write a review on this...
Message: Posted by: Angel_7 (Mar 19, 2010 08:55AM)
Thanks Samuel, looking forward to it.

Sam, I'd love to see a video if you get the time.

All the best

Message: Posted by: samuelchong (Apr 27, 2010 09:07PM)
For the Belt Steal DVD

The DVD doesn't have any clips showing him really doing pickpocket with live audience. The teaching is just so so, standard technique we use to steal a belt. The entire DVD last not more than 10 minutes.
Message: Posted by: Zerububle (Apr 30, 2010 01:20AM)
Sounds like a con to me lol. You'd learn more standing around on the underground with your wallet hanging out!