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Topic: PPC marketing / site specific
Message: Posted by: MikeClay (Jan 30, 2010 07:45PM)
Has any of you that do Google ppc tried to target to the ad network and select specific websites??

I'm getting ready to run a test and was wondering if I could curb some of that by asking around..

specificly have any of you targeted parent mag's or msg boards that run adsence?

and do you see a higher conversion rate by targeting like this?
Message: Posted by: Carducci (Jan 30, 2010 11:38PM)
I do. I'll look at my data and let you know what the trends look like.
Message: Posted by: Hart Keene (Feb 1, 2010 01:40AM)
I have content and search partners turned off right now....

Don't feel like dealing with them at the moment! lol
Message: Posted by: jackturk (Feb 1, 2010 10:41PM)
I haven't tried this; it's an interesting idea.

Where I see a challenge is that your carefully crafted direct response PPC ad [Need Birthday Party Help?] has to become to some degree an Image ad [Hire Bluto the Great] because the folks on that site may not be there specifically searching for a solution that you can offer.

It's kind of like sending out a birthday party sales letter to a list of parents - w/o knowing when the kid's having a birthday.

You might catch someone when they're interested, or you might not.

I may try this, but I'd go in without a lot of hope for it.

It seems like Google would like it though. What it will do is give you more impressions, with the likelihood of lowering your Click-Through-Rate -> which affects adversely your quality score -> which affects the actual costs of your bids and how much you have to pay for position.

Like I said, worth considering but also worth thinking through carefully.

--Jack Turk
Message: Posted by: MikeClay (Feb 2, 2010 10:30AM)
yeah that's on the same track that I was thinking

Here is the concept though I believe (and am testing) that Google is using LSI for placement of ads withing the network so let's say we target (GMAIL) and write ads for birthday parties. It will only show the ad if someone is talking about a birthday or a party or a upcoming party. So it would be a much more targeted audience and because it's gmail you can limit how often you have impressions by going LONG tail with the keyword phrases. But you should have a higher conversion because of how targeted it is.

anyway it's a thought. I am getting ready to setup a campaign for a client and run it
Message: Posted by: TheMagicianGuide (Feb 7, 2010 12:49PM)
If you track your campaigns down to the last detail, there is really no way you can "hurt" your stats . . . just think in terms of what or who is a direct competitor, and on what other sites your potential customers might be surfing . . . PPC has really taken a hit out of most people's budget over the last two years however . . . but if you stick with it and have a consistant branding and message, it can really really pay off nicely in terms of ROI over time . . . know your customers, their demographic etc. that is the real key to PPC . . .