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Topic: Facebook bites
Message: Posted by: Chance (Feb 3, 2010 10:30AM)
Greetings Everyone. The time now is 11:25AM EST, Wednesday, February 3rd. I have just been informed by one of my Facebook friends that my FB acct has been hacked sometime in the past few days. It seems someone was impersonating me, pretending that I was in London and had been mugged, or words to that effect. I understand that a few of you may have sent money to this person thinking it was me.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded. You thought it was really me in trouble, and you stepped in to help. For this I am very grateful. What a wonderful community we belong to!

But I want it understood in no uncertain terms that this was not me. Somehow my FB acct was hacked. I don't know how exactly since I am almost never here. My password has already been changed, and I will notify FB staff as soon as I am done here.

So while I am touched by your generosity and willingness to help a fellow performer in his time of need, I must now also ask that you contact FB and your local authorities and report this abuse right away.

Please feel free to respond to this message publicly. I, we, have nothing to hide. Feel free to speak out and say how you were intially contacted, and how much money you lost to the scammer. Daylight is always the best disinfectant. Maybe your experience will help to stop the next scammer in their tracks. Be well my friends, Chance