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Topic: Would love some classical music ideas for a spoof manip routine
Message: Posted by: Stu Turner (Feb 10, 2010 03:34PM)
Hello fellow magi...

Can I pick your brains and ask you what your favourite piece of upbeat(ish) classical music would be to perform a spoof manipulation routine to?

Years ago I was part of a double act and we used to perform to 'La Serenissima' by Rondo Veneziano.


I would happily use the same track but there is a straight manip act using the same piece on the same circuit I'm looking at performing on over here in London, and as a courtesy, I don't want to tread on his toes.

Plus it was over 10 years ago we used it so can't hurt to find a new piece.

After a good scour through loads of classical pieces, none have the mix of poppy classical that 'La Serenissima' does.

I'd love to hear your ideas on your favourite tracks and maybe I'll find another corker.

Thanks in advance,

Message: Posted by: chmara (Feb 12, 2010 08:38PM)
Did you really want that "Hooked on Classics" style and beat for the act or "real" classics.

If you are using recordings audition the the albums by "Bond." There work and that of Manhiem Steamroller have some good things.

But, to choose solid classics, I would like to know (nosey ain't I) what effects you were going to do -- and what effects you were going to spoof? I would like to know your sense of what a "spoof" is -- and the rationale. Is it to do good magic funny -- or to cover for ineptitude in magic? Or is it a way to build the "incompetence" of the magician into a grand magical impossible finale because he really IS magical.

Having things fall onto the stage noisily need to be figured -- whether clumsy grace (Think hippos to the Dance of the Hours in "Fantasia") turns into a miracle will be important to the score.

For instance -- I would always do a Garden of Flowers to the CAN CAN from Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. I would suggest that short, little fat old me would have to substitute for Harry Blackstone and the 20 georgeous girls he used in the same routine --- BUT -- I was still able to high kick and dance around the stage as the flowers came out.....and end in a very big boutania... no Gay Blackstone in the boutania -- but to the beat it appeared in the finale tada of the music.

If you can find it on line -- the sub trunk done to the Grieg Hall of the Mountain King (as I remember it) by the Pendragons was a good use of real classical.

Then -- if you want to spend some time listening -- the ballet music fro Gayne -- or the Gayne Suite can evoke all sorts of magical move ideas.

Then -- Prince Igor(opera) has the whole Poltivetsian (Spelling) Dances movement that became the broadway show "Kismet."

Jost stay away form O Fortuna.
Message: Posted by: Stu Turner (Feb 15, 2010 04:25AM)
Wow - thanks Gregg for your detailed and insightful reply. Nothing wrong with being nosey. If I was in your shoes, I'd also want more details to give an informed opinion.

To try and answer your questions, the spoof is intended as an act opener. It is designed to show some magical skill before descending into a semi-slapstick style spoof.

I used to be part of a comedy double act and we used the Rondo Veneziano routine to open the act. It started with a couple of strong effects (Dream Silk, a couple of very nice Blendo effects, candle productions, Apollo's Torch etc) before descending into subtle farce (things caught fire, silks got burned etc).

We used the routine to establish that we had magical skill before seguewaying into the comedy.

Now, I'm perfoming again as a solo artist and want to use the same method to start the act with. The Rondo track was as perfect a mix of modern/classical that we could find and the nearest I can find so far is 'Victory' by Bond.

It can't be too 'classical' such as the Vivaldi track that Burton uses and it can't have a punching synthesised drum beat behind, as that would almost be too good for the slapstick farce.

Funnily enough we also used a Hooked On Classics medley featuring the Can Can (were you there???) but as that kind of track suggests comedy, I think it would be wrong to try and use for some serious magic.

In fact I think you have spies out there. We also spoofed the Pendragons' wonderful Sub Trunk many years ago using the same Mountain King track, at an IBM competition. It was done pretty much move for move resulting in a surprise finish and as a reviewer said afterwards - "was the sight gag of the convention".

Thanks for finding the time to reply. This is a great place for putting ideas out there and I shall go and have a listen to some of your ideas.


Message: Posted by: Chance (Feb 15, 2010 07:48AM)
Speaking of "Can-Can", do you know "Everybody Can-Can" from the recent Moulin Rouge movie? It's mixed by Fatboy Slim I think. It's very upbeat and fun; I've used it before. Fatboy Slim has done a lot of other mixes too that might be suitable.
Message: Posted by: Rudy (Feb 15, 2010 08:36AM)
Stu Turner

Might this be of some help?


Card Flourishes to music


Song: Opera
By: Emmanuel Santarromana
CD: Metropolitan