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Topic: Please give me comments regarding my magic shop
Message: Posted by: maxignites (Feb 16, 2010 01:40AM)
Hi guys,

First let me introduce my self, I'm quite new in thins marvelous magic forum, name is Daniel Rannu

Like the title said, I got my own magic shop at [url=http://rajasulap.com]www.rajasulap.com[/url]

I have running that site for more than a year right now, during that time I do many improvement on the site outlook, hope it looks better to my visitor.

So..i would be deeply appreciate if you give me comments, critic, and suggestion (constructive one I hope so), so I can develop my site even better

Oh ya beside creating the website, I also do some SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on the magic site, the keyword I aim are [url=http://rajasulap.com]toko sulap[/url], [url=http://rajasulap.com]trik sulap[/url], and [url=http://rajasulap.com]sulap[/url] itself. I hope if there any of you guys understand about SEO, I will highly appreciate your suggestion

*note: (just in case you don't understand bahasa indonesia, lol)
toko sulap = magic shop
trik sulap = magic trick
sulap = magic
rajasulap = the king of magic