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Topic: Twisting the arm extras
Message: Posted by: mrbungle (Apr 7, 2002 05:50AM)
When performing the twisting the arm illusion you can use a piece of walnut to bite on to make horrifyng cracking sound. Does anyone know of a way to attach a piece of fish wire without seeing the ends of it. to make the twisted arm effect?


mr bungle
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Apr 7, 2002 07:53AM)
I used a plastic cup in ziplock bag in the arm pit to make the noise.

as far as the fishing line. I had attached mine with a little clip tied to the end which fastened to my bracelet, or watch. The other end can be tied to a saftey pin, pinned to the inside of your jacket or shirt.

Message: Posted by: mrbungle (Apr 7, 2002 09:56AM)
thanx P. the ziplock is good. I guess you have to wear jewelry right?
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Apr 7, 2002 10:05AM)

Not necessarily, you could use some industrial clear tape, or maybe even just tie it around your wrist. I just wanted it easily removable. It stays tucked away and when ready just clip it on, load the ziplock bag w/cup, and your all set. Quick and easy! And it's just as fast to get rid of it all too.

Message: Posted by: Baz94 (Apr 7, 2002 10:06AM)
I came up with an idea that gets a few laughs. So far, I have only done it a few times and filmed it once when performing to a friend.

Start as normal with the routine. Both mine and specs hands are flat.......

Then there is music.... "Tubular Bells" (From Exorcist)

My arm does the twist as the exorcist theme is playing, when my hand turns, spec sees a face of Linda Blair on the back of my hand.....
when my hand twists all the way, green goop sprays from under my hand.

"The Exorcist's twisting arm" trick. Just a little add on to make it more interesting.

NB: I do the spray of goop in a way that dosen't ruin the carpet.... I don't do it on a carpeted floor ;)
Message: Posted by: Ellimist (Aug 4, 2002 04:16PM)
I agree with peter on the "breaking the arm noise, but a word of advice is that a styrofaom cup sounds more like a human bone breaking. I used the plastic cup on my brother and he could tell that it was a plastic cup. Others are baffled with a styrofoam cup.
Message: Posted by: TOBIAS (Aug 16, 2002 04:37AM)
I don't make any sounds unless someone pulls my finger :dizzy:
Once I've done the twist twice around, I pull my sleves up and ask if any one has a clue? NO? Then I do that wierd thing of Dan Harlan's that looks like you have two left hands... This gets some of the best reactions. Try it it is funny as hell.
Message: Posted by: misdirection master (Aug 20, 2002 05:56PM)
Before I make any bone breaking sounds I always have the spectator come and pull my hand around but resist at first then when they pull again I slowly let it go around so when the bone cracking sound comes it seems like I really broke my arm. I always used hard celophane for the breaking arm sound because it never shattered and I can reuse it. ;)
Message: Posted by: WR (Aug 20, 2002 06:11PM)
I use elbow Mac. Inbetween my teeth for the sound.
Most magically yours,

Do you ever have the Spect. pull your armaround?? :wow: