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Topic: San Diego Sheriff Party Event
Message: Posted by: cuffs (Mar 8, 2010 09:00AM)
Hi all,
I am in charge of finding volunteer magicians for a San Diego Sheriff Dept. fundraising Gala. I think some of the young folks would find this an excellent opportunity to "get their name out there" and perform for a large audience and mingle with other magicians.
We are looking for up to a dozen table, stage, and walk around performers. I need some escape artists and pickpockets too.
The date is about Sept 20th. It will be held in Balboa Park at the Aerospace Museum. There will be all kinds of local police, politicians, and local celebrities in attendance.
It will be a very fun evening and any one performing will be allowed to market themselves, eat and have lots of fun.
We could provide transportation to and fro or we would also welcome the parents to attend.
If interested or have any other questions,please contact me here or at markalyons@hotmail.com or 760-931-5397.
I am interested in other ways to contact prospective volunteers too. If you know of anything that will help my search, please let me know.
Thank you.