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Topic: New Font based on Dai Vernon's Handwriting
Message: Posted by: James Alan (Mar 15, 2010 02:10PM)
Dai Vernon's handwriting is now available as a font for your computer. Actually there are two fonts "Direct" and "Misdirect" based on samples of Vernon's handwriting. You may have seen them in the new Revelation.

In a recent post, David Ben tells the story of how the font came to be.

[url=http://bit.ly/9QcBkz]Tricks & Tweets: It's Amazing[/url]

Scroll down to the bottom for the link to download the font.
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Mar 15, 2010 07:08PM)
That's cool.
I used to create my own fonts when I was in college.
Message: Posted by: tabman (Mar 15, 2010 09:19PM)
Now that is cool.