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Topic: Can someone please look over my routine
Message: Posted by: konradz (Mar 17, 2010 10:48PM)
Just wanted to run my routine by you guys and see what you guys think. I just want to see if you guys feel my transitions are good, as I will need to be switching/ditching gaffs/props and it has to appear "invisible".

This routine will be: las vegas glasses, spectator glasses, holy moly, holy stretch, unholy, tagged.

I start off giving out a deck of cards and while spectator shuffles I bring out "x ray glasses". Force 8 of hearts and perform the reveal.

Then I say "Well, these aren't the only glasses I have". Go into backpack to bring out spectator glasses. During this I load necessary gaff card into bottom of deck (I have it beside the glasses in the bag, so I just put in both hands, one with deck of cards to "search" and load). Perform spectator glasses. Put deck back in box and throw it into the bag.

Do holy moly (props were in front pockets). Then holy stretch.

Say that this idea can be extended further. Go into bag and take out a different deck of cards. Spectators should assume it's the same as used before so no need for examination. This one will be missing a 7 spades (example) and have two duplicate cards (say 5 hearts). One 5 hearts is on top, the other is HOLEPUNCHED and somewhere in the deck. Force the regular 5 of hearts. Then using a variation of the convincing control, steal the regular 5 of hearts using left hand. Right hand misdirects by giving deck to be shuffled. Left hand goes into pocket as disguise for taking out Unholy prop. Perform unholy where the hole disappears. Tell spectator to find their card in the deck. During search just switch the prop for a hole-less washer. Lots of misdirection so not even a move necessary. They find the card, it has the "washer's hole". Give the hole-less washer for examination and the holepunched 5 hearts.

While spectator examines, all along I've had a gimmicked 7 spades for tagged clipped onto my belt in the back. Nonchalantly bring hand with cards behind you and load gimmick onto bottom of deck. Finish off with Tagged. The chain was under my shirt the whole time. When I take chain off and hand off for examination, I ditch the gimmick into pocket (I shouldn't have any heat on me). Leave deck on table. All is clean, including the fact that the card on the chain does not have a duplicate in the deck.

Wow, that was really hard to type out actually. Stuff like this is hard for me. I can do the tricks fine, but putting them together just gets me. What do you guys think?
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Mar 17, 2010 10:52PM)
Looks ok, except for the card clipped to your belt. You didn't say what you would be wearing. If you wear a coat, then better to use a simple card clip and have it under your jacket, say on the lower right or left side near the hip bone, where just by naturally dropping your hand down and turning sideways briefly to the audience you can steal the card. Simple clip is a safety pin, rubberband and paper clip.

Card clipped to back of your belt is too likely to be seen during act if you are not wearing a coat, plus a steal from the back is harder to do and looks less natural.
Message: Posted by: konradz (Mar 17, 2010 11:03PM)
Hello Father Photius,
Thank you for that simple card clip. I never thought of that actually. Now I just need to figure out where to put it, as I don't wear a jacket usually.
Message: Posted by: MHamel (Mar 18, 2010 09:03AM)
For a clip what I use is a safety pin and then one of those triangle paper clip things. I use this in my stage show and it can be put anywhere because its a safety pin. Then I just put my shirt (or whatever your wearing) over it. It works great and if your using 1 card your fine because I clip half a deck of cards there as I am doing card minipulation.

Just a thought...
Best wishes,
- Marc Hamel
Message: Posted by: MHamel (Mar 18, 2010 09:06AM)
Oh I also forgot to mention I also perform tagged in my close up routine and I have a deck that is missing the one card (gimmick) and I just do a deck switch... But the safety pin could be clipped anywhere even the inside of your shirt...

Hope something I said helps...
Message: Posted by: konradz (Mar 18, 2010 09:15AM)
Hey MHamel,
I was thinking of doing a deck switch but since I already did one earlier in the routine I'm not sure how to go about it. But you're right that I could use a clip in many situations even inside my shirt. For the spectators, the trick (unholy) is done and their guard is down. I can just disguise it as fixing my shirt or something.
Message: Posted by: MHamel (Mar 18, 2010 09:32AM)
Ya, what I love about the safety pin is its easy to make and you can pin it anywhere. It just makes it easy to put in a natural spot for you to steal cards...

The second deck switch though might not be for you. I know for me that's the only deck switch I do and its a closer so it fits my routine. I think for you, it might take some playing with to find a natural cover to switch.
Message: Posted by: Metatron (Mar 20, 2010 05:22AM)
I would eliminate the punched card effect. Do your routine with the glasses just as described and use the deck switch at the end to do Tagged.

This eliminates the need for a card clip and the need of wearing a coat. It also eliminates the steal/palming of the non punched card, and the steal/loading for Tagged.

By eliminating that effect, which is kind of anti-climatic anyway, you eliminate a lot of problems. The washer routines can stand on their own.