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Topic: *Brain Wave Entrainment Technology-
Message: Posted by: StPaulMagician222 (Mar 25, 2010 01:36PM)
*Brain Wave Entrainment Technology-
I am talking about the use of Monaural and Iso-chronic tones to invoke certain brainwave states during Seance or Bizarre Story Telling Theatre. I have read about it's use in Classrooms, Doctor's offices and in Shopping malls. I also have no doubt this and other types of sound technology is being used by world governments, perhaps even our own. <really?>

Is everyone influenced by BWE? Probably not, but I do know that it is very effective on me.
I have used Isochronic Tones and Gamma Tones in my personal meditative practice for several years now. Some sequences are programmed by Brainwave Engineers to persuade your brain to go from active BETA states (30-13Hz) of consciousness to ALPHA levels (12-8Hz) and then on to the ALPHA /THETA border and THETA (7-4 Hz) and even deeper (Delta 0.5-3Hz). There are also program software for use on your PC to create your own programs once you have gained a solid knowledge as to how this technology works. Brainwave engineers have research showing what frequencies evoke certain states of consciousness in the majority of individuals. They have even monitored the brainwave states of Tibetan Monks as well as Zen Masters while meditating and can recreate those states with tone frequencies you can bring into a room with speakers or listen to on a pair of stereo headphones. Imagine what could be the effect upon a group of sitters who you gently take down from BETA into ALPHA then a high THETA range that when accepted by the sub-conscious mind adjusts itself much like a tuning-fork causes a certain string on the piano to vibrate. This happens because of a phenomena called "The Frequency Following Response" and can be played underneath background music you may already be using. At the end of the program reversing the process to bring everyone back to normal BETA consciousness and grounded to continue on their way. Another way to enhance the atmosphere and suggestibility during our shows.

We use other methods to enchant is this such a step away…(I think I just saw Dr. Spector take a couple steps back while reading this. < big-grin>)
We use forms of waking hypnosis and NLP that are built right into our scripts. Sometimes we tell deeply disturbing or curious tales that effect the psyches of those present. We use scents to stimulate memories and mood. We are packaging an experience using our secret knowledge hopefully to entertain and create wonder. I frame my presentation so as not to be a 'deceiver' with puzzles to be figured out or casing my clients out of money with false beliefs. More in the style of Eugene Burger who has influenced my work since our first meeting in 1988 which is to present surprises in a world that is becoming more homogenized and predictable every day. I take a very Jungian approach when reading tarot or using divination methods. Sometimes people are so stuck in a box they can't see another way out of their personal situations and I present different options and possible ways to change their particular path but the decision is always placed back on the sitter.

I use BWE technology in my home (monaural tones) and simply let them play over the speakers of my audio system usually behind New Age style music, I use tones that are on the ALPHA/ BETA boarder or ALPHA Frequency when I return home after a stressful day. It creates a very relaxed atmosphere. When it is time to work on a project or morning to be very aware, I crank it up to a higher BETA frequency so that I can be more productive. In the evening as I go to sleep I sometimes will use a progression and slide down from Alpha to Delta and am generally fast asleep before it reaches the DELTA level. This is VERY IMPORTANT: it could be dangerous to use Alpha, Theta or Delta programs while operating machinery or driving a car.

As a side note: Using the left brain/ right brain theory, with a pair of headphones you can program different tones into each ear affecting Human behavior like ruminating thoughts, boosting self confidence, controlling pain, stage fright, SAD and ADHD. For personal use I sometimes incorporate a set of LED Light goggles (mindalive.com) that are programmed to blink in different patterns that compliment the tones and allow for deeper entrainment but these are mainly therapeutic uses and not the use I am suggesting here which is creating an appropriate etherial atmosphere with tones in the Alpha/Theta range in a controlled Seance room environment. Bin-Aural tones will not work for the use I am suggesting as they can only be used wearing headphones and will not work if played over a sound system. I mention this device for those who might be able to incorporate into their presentation style or work as a prop.

I know they place a disclaimer when Strobe Lights or Cigarettes are used in a performance.
Brainwave Entrainment Technology will be used during tonight's sitting. <Big Grin> This would definitely would break my personal rule of appearing low tech in my performance and reveal perhaps more than is necessary. I am just curious about anyone else's experience or thought about it's use as another tool in our arsenal of creating the mysterious. Some will cry foul or not see the potential behind such a tool. If this needs to be moved to the SECRET section, so be it and I will comment once I have fulfilled my quota of 50 posts or you can PM me.

( SOURCE for Bizarrists: 'Brainwave Symphony'- Orchestrate your state of mind. Natural brainwave frequencies scored within baroque, romantic, and classical music. Empower yourself to experience deep relaxation, heightened creativity and peek performance. (I S B N 1-55961-529-X) as well as, QMP by Morry Zelcovitch - http://quantum-mind-power-system.com/main.htm - whose system could be partially adapted to what I am speaking about above. A Google search with search terms I have used in my post will reveal many sources and information regarding BWE technology. Another source for just great music for our programs is at http://bluemars.org/ <It even has a playlist to the right side where it lists what has been played and who it was. (I find the Inner voices channel is my favorite to just listen to.)
Message: Posted by: TEB3 (Mar 25, 2010 04:56PM)
An early application I used was an audio frequency to make people "sense" a ghostly presence in the room. It was developed originally by the Military in WWII. The late Cleve Haubold (Van Cleve) was in MI and we developed the use back in the 80's as it applied to my stuff. It does work. I initially released it for sale on cassette as "The Visitor". To some people no sound was audible, some might notice a faint buzz in the background but nothing they wouldn't write off to just "room noise". However, some would get a "creepy" feeling that "something" was near them. Needless to say, they really had a ghostly experience. Jim Magus used it at a seance in Atlanta and it scared the (deleted adult word) out of some people.

The reason I took it off the market then and have not re-released it in digital format on cd is based on very strong advice from my "Legal Eagle". There was, and is, too much potential for liability involved.

While "disclaimers" may help, if someone with Epilepsy as an example goes into a seizure because of a strobe during a performance the door may be wide open for a lawsuit.

So for that reason, I'm not the source for what the audio range is much less releasing it again. But it sure did work!

Message: Posted by: StPaulMagician222 (Mar 27, 2010 01:45PM)
Yes, This is exactly what I am talking about. Using Alpha/Theta with suggestions during the dark part of the seance to create those very experiences. Several years back I was certified as a Hypnotherapist and used some of this technology in sessions. The client was informed of it's use but it has come so far in just a few years times and the research has defined frequency classifications and the specific emotions or pattern that are connected with them.

I realize my posts can be a bit long and go off on tangents which is mostly because of the ADHD I have had all my life and I have even found specific frequencies that can either accelerate it or calm it down so as to be more focused and functional. I listen to the music played in clubs as well as music used while I am on telephone hold and can notice whether or not the use of 'Sound Technology' is embedded within it. An untrained ear would hear nothing as they do not know what they are listening for. You need to hear it in it's raw form to be able to begin to detect it's use in everyday situations and the link page to the 'Quantum Mind Power' page was included just to gain a basic understanding of what is going on as they describe the methods in simple language that is easy to understand.

I guess I can understand TEB3's point of not re-releasing "The Visitor" but when one thinks of everything we are subjected to subliminally every day in advertising and by skilled sales people. It really makes one think and wonder where those ethical lines can be sometimes and when, how and why something could become a liability. I could imagine scenario's for sure and know we must tread cautiously with our art as we can touch very close to people's belief systems which some take with fanatical seriousness. As I have said before, I have revived my Spirit Theatre style show after taking a break from it. I remember all too vividly the poor deluded "Born Again" girl that would not take her hands off the table when the show was over and just sat there shaking and speaking in tongues. As a habit I never talk to people after a performance but just disappear not really even giving them time for an applause cue. I felt it added to the strangeness of my character and left them feeling slightly unsettled as they went out into the reception area to have another drink and prepare to leave. It was on this occasion that I had to break my rule as my assistant came back to the dressing room and told me that I really needed to come back to the chamber room as this girl was a mess and on the edge of what he thought was a nervous breakdown. She was so convinced I had spoken to her grandfather or how would I know the inscription inside the gold ring she was wearing. It took me 20 minutes to 'talk her down' and assure her that it was 'just a SHOW!" While I was not planning to give up any of my secrets. I needed to assure her that I was not in league with the 'Devil' and that her 'Soul' was in not in any danger. When I returned back to the dressing room quite shaken myself then as that passed, all that remained was a very satisfied wicked little smile and the words, "***, I'm Good!" came out of my mouth.

I merely was trying to provoke a discussion here on this board. I do think that some people do come to the Café out of curiosity but most people even most of my personal friends would never be interested enough to navigate through all that the Magic Café is or understand the majority of what is written here as we have a language and vocabulary that is definitely our own. I was so glad while speaking to a computer repair person yesterday and his story about his daughter who got involved in magic and was shattered by the Fox Specials. He just could not see the point of 'Why' someone would produce such a horrid thing and spoke of magic being more about the presentation and entertainment than finding out the actual secrets. I then asked him if he could remember how a certain illusion that was explained was done and searching his brain, he really could not remember the exact specific's of how the effect worked, which I mentioned is generally true of the common public. While I notice they have been being re-broadcast in my area again by a Fox affiliate- I can now actually watch them and laugh as some of the methods are so off-base and impractical for a modern performer it has become a sort of sick- comedy for someone that used to lug all of those props around in a truck from place to place raising money for some non-profit organization and not really missing all the headaches that came with it.