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Topic: RR: Antique copper shells
Message: Posted by: ImpromptuBoy (Apr 2, 2010 02:50AM)
Hi everyone,
does anybody own the antique copper shells and would like to comment on these?
I'm really interested in purchasing the set, just want to see what people think about them...
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Apr 2, 2010 09:45AM)
I'm curious as well. I love the look of these shells from videos. I think they would look great with the white perfect peas that I use.
Message: Posted by: Krazyjay (Apr 2, 2010 12:21PM)
I had a set, but sold them. Not because they were bad, I had to fund another project. I real like the look and feel. I did however find them to be a tad heavy for me. I also found them to be a little shallow, but that just me. I got them from hocus-pocus.com when they had a 30% off sale. In the future I will get them again. For now I use my black fox turtle shells. Here is another review on them.


Message: Posted by: Tom Fenton (Apr 28, 2010 05:06AM)
Buy 'em!
Message: Posted by: spcarlson (May 4, 2010 08:03PM)
The SFS Antique Copper Shells are probably very close to their Silver Shells in weight and feel. I am totally hooked on the silver shells; the added weight makes them work so smooth. Each silver shell is the weight of two silver dollars.
Message: Posted by: Josh Chaikin (May 9, 2010 12:41PM)
I own a set of the copper shells and they're great. They're beautiful and have a lot of heft to them, they don't "dip" like the street shells, but work phenomenally well. My cat loves them too.
Message: Posted by: DrSammy (Jun 4, 2010 08:31AM)
I purchased my set of copper shells last month, and I love the way they look. However, they are just too slippery for me to use with confidence, even after washing them. It's a shame, because I really wanted to make them my main set. I'm still keeping them. I hope that eventually I'll become comfortable enough to use the copper shells without worrying about them slipping out of my fingers. Practice! Practice! Practice!

In the meantime, I'll go back to my ratty old shells while I wait for a new set of non-metallic shells to arrive.
Message: Posted by: jakeg (Jun 4, 2010 10:52AM)
Both the street shells and the gold SFS shells that I have slip through my fingers, (unless I use hand cream). The profile of the shells is too shallow for me to grip between my fingers. I've been eying the magnetic shells, but I'm reluctant to get them for that reason. I know that they work great for most people.
Message: Posted by: johnboy (Feb 21, 2013 12:25PM)
Love the look and weight of these shells, but disappointinly they are not `high enough` in height for me and also they are too slippery to use for my dry skin even when lubricated with hand cream. Going back to my SFS street shells is so much easier.
Message: Posted by: bishthemagish (Feb 21, 2013 03:43PM)
I own a set and I used them in my performance at the magic castle. I am very happy with this set and use them often.

I hope this helps...
Message: Posted by: Frog Prince (Jan 14, 2014 01:05AM)
The Shells does not slip when I use the rubber coating spray.
Try it.