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Topic: "Pitch This!" DVD in pre-production
Message: Posted by: WillRoya (Apr 6, 2010 09:26PM)
My video project "Pitch This!" is now in pre-production. It will focus on my 3 item "bread and butter" magic pitch as well as some other novelty items I (and a few select friends) do big numbers with such as "Splat Balls". The film will be shot on location (mostly west coast) during my current tour this year and will also feature my apprentice Craig Childress and other pitch friends. Please see my current schedule on Facebook for tour dates.

I'm hoping to have the DVD released first quarter 2011. I'll try to post some sneak peak videos for my magic Café friends if anyone is interested.

BTW - I'll be working the Clark County Fair this weekend with two spots, stop by and say hi if you come to the fair.
Message: Posted by: Red Neck Magician (Apr 7, 2010 01:15PM)
Is their any other videos on the market for pitching?
Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Apr 7, 2010 01:25PM)
He must be asleep.....


Message: Posted by: WillRoya (Apr 7, 2010 01:35PM)
If anyone wants to learn the worm pitch the best video I have found is here:


I think they only have it on VHS though.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 7, 2010 02:03PM)
That is Petes site.His package isn't to good and his worms don't come tird,a big deal if you are out ther pitching.

Here is Carls site.He owns the name "squirmle" and his are in a beautiful package pretied.

http://magicalpets.com/ he has the video for kids to learn,the URL is on every package,another plus.


That's Carl's site to order.Be sure to tell who ever you talk to you are a pitchman and not a store owner.

And also http://thurstonmagic.com/ now has them in a plister package.

Message: Posted by: sethb (Apr 7, 2010 05:34PM)
I do agree with Will that the Magic Fuzzle worm pitch video is very good. It covers everything from the pitch to all of the moves and the little bits of businees that really pull in the tips and sell the worms. Also lots of good ideas on handling the worms and preventing IT breakage.

I didn't like some of the way that Pete set up the demo worm; I thought it was unnecessarily complicated. But other than that, in my opinion it is a great resource for pitching the worms, regardless of which worms you buy.

Pete told me they only sell it on VHS because they have had trouble with some people being unable to play the DVD version, which is burned rather than pressed. Of course, soon nobody will have a videotape player and they won't be able to play the VHS tape, either! I guess by then it will be available as a download!! SETH