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Topic: Serious Concern About My Mice
Message: Posted by: Perry D Winkle (Apr 13, 2010 08:15PM)

I got a shipment of my magic mice today and they are the type made in India. They have a black rubber band for a tail and the quality of the actual mouse is fine. However, I opened one up to practice with and discovered that it has very little wax included. I couldn't even use what they sent me. I had to get into my stash of magicians wax to supplement.

Is this normal or did I just happen to grab a defect?

I'm terrified that the kids won't be able to use whats included. Has anyone run into this? What is the solution?
Message: Posted by: Perry D Winkle (Apr 13, 2010 09:57PM)
I'm thinking that all these kits suck. It looks like they only included what they could scrape out of one ear. Well, I'm not sure what anyone else does, but I'm opening each of them and adding a blob of quality magicians wax. I'm not going to gyp a kid by selling them something they can't use. What a strange thing to go short on? Wax? The whole point of the toy, and the cheapest part, and this is what they chose to be stingy with? Incredible.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 14, 2010 08:59AM)
The key word here was " INDIA" they just don't get it.

You are doing the right thing.I would have done this as well,problem solved.

Message: Posted by: sethb (Apr 14, 2010 09:02AM)
Welcome to the wonderful world of out-sourcing and free trade!

That does seem odd, though. But what's even worse is that you need to fix every single package, that's a royal pain in the a--.

I tried to save money once and got a gross of worms from FunTime (India). They were about 25% cheaper than the regular worms, which was their only redeeming quality. They looked like carpet scraps and did not handle properly. I ended up sending the whole shebang back to the wholesaler for credit and got stuck with a 10% restocking fee, but at least I got rid of them.

The moral here is to get a sample first, if possible, before you fill up your garage. SETH
Message: Posted by: Perry D Winkle (Apr 14, 2010 06:57PM)
Well guys all I can say is that I learned a lesson here.

Don, the supplier you pointed me to has the mice made in America, so I'm ordering from them next time. They cost a little bit more, but my time has to be worth something. Hehehe.

Oh well. Live and learn.
Message: Posted by: sethb (Apr 15, 2010 06:39AM)
But you are to be congratulated for figuring out a good fix for the problem, and also for not selling the kids a useless piece of junk.

This is why it's worth it to stay away from the Chinese "1847" Svengali decks and other poorly made stuff. We may be selling what some people call "slum magic," but that's no excuse for selling a crappy product.

I will add that not all of the Indian stuff is bad. I bought some FunTime Buddha Papers that were actually better than ones made in the USA that cost three times as much. I also have a set of nesting Lippicott Boxes and a Chick Pan that are both very well made. On the other hand, I used a FunTime set of Hippity-Hop Rabbits for kindling in my fireplace -- that was all they were good for! SETH
Message: Posted by: iugefu (May 6, 2010 01:29AM)
Fun Time is currently busy producing a custom (4 Jumbo cards)effect for me, which will be my new pitch number. Sports theme.I will let you know how the quality etc panned out,and will post a demo clip.