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Topic: Hold the Mayo
Message: Posted by: Duderino (May 10, 2010 08:17AM)
Okay--here goes--my first video posted.

It's Bill Goodwin's Hold the Mayo with a little something added on at the end. Those familiar with the effect know that the trick essentially ends after the last ace is caught. I just added the extra bit on because it feels like it should flow to some sort of ace trick after the initial effect.

Warning: Magic is a hobby for me. I love it but at 47 it is purely a hobby.

This is not a professional performance but hopefully it doesn't suck.

Anyway--my patter was awful and drug on way too long so I tried to shorten it to music and captions.

I'd appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks for watching.

Message: Posted by: Ben Train (May 10, 2010 10:54PM)
You forgot the magic!

Show the jokers, turn them over... then pause. Now is the time for the 'causal action'. Snap, shake, yell dirty words, whatever- but this is the moment the magic happens.

NOW spread the deck and show the first ace.

The same is true for all the aces- though for the last one you may want to find some way to break up the repetition (I published my take in Magic Magazine).

Finally, the ending is good but you need to justify why you pick up the aces in order to put them aside- they were ALREADY outside the deck and aside- turning them over doesn't justify anything- in fact it adds something else that needs to be justified!

But, good first video- you have great taste in magic.

I like hyphens.
Message: Posted by: Duderino (May 11, 2010 06:26AM)
Thanks Ben!

That's great advice. I have lots of room for improvement. I really want to get to a "flow" point and you're right about the "magic". Isn't there a zen saying about the spaces in between being as important to a picture as the visible part? Pauses at the right moment, timing. Lots of stuff. I have to work on patter as well. I write better than I speak and tend to mumble and ramble too much so my goal will be putting it all together.

Practice, practice, practice.

Thanks again for the comments.