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Topic: Magic and Finances
Message: Posted by: harris (May 12, 2010 12:17PM)
I smiled when I saw the line about Dave Ramsey in the letter from the editor.

Over the years I have watched what goes out as well as the $$$ that comes in.

Then in another article on the business of magic, "The Ramsey" approach is mentioned again.

Last night I did a Doctor of Laughology Program at the National Council on Alcoholism.(and Addictions)

I have written on this Café and other places about magic purchases as an addiction.
Though I love to support magic shops (we are blessed to have 4 close by), I also need to remember I have a family and magic business to support.

It is a blessing to belong to the I.B.M. and get pleasant surprises reading our "The Linking Ring".

Sorry my memory can't remember the authors of the awesome articles.

"forgetfull freddie..er deutsch"