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Topic: Managing personal inventory
Message: Posted by: leinadnallareyem (May 12, 2010 10:41PM)
My mother was a librarian so I know the Dewy Decimal system. But my Magic inventory is a mess. I have Cabinets, Shelves, Boxes, Tupperware, and cases.

Any insight on how to managage this addiction.

Message: Posted by: stijnhommes (May 13, 2010 11:48AM)
No, I have the very same problem myself. The problem isn't so bad for single trick DVD's, but as soon as more moves or effects are collected in a single book or DVD, it's impossible to keep track of it all. Have you tried using Microsoft Excel or Access?
Message: Posted by: Bob1Dog (May 13, 2010 04:41PM)
The very first thing I do when I acquire a new effect is to take the oringinal instructions, copy them, file them electronically, produce a copy to keep with the original in a file folder, and use the second copy to keep with the effect for reference purposes. The reason for keeping the orignal simply makes the effect more valuable, with the original box (which I also keep in the basement) if I need to sell them later. This way, I have an inventory of every effect I have in some kind of order on the computer, and also the hard copy file for handy reference if I need it. I also try to organize my effects into the appropriate categoried boxes, cabinets, etc. eg., cards go in one box, coins another, miscellaneous another, parlor another, etc. etc. It ain't perfect, but it gives me a better handle on where stuff is. Best, Bob
Message: Posted by: RobertlewisIR (May 13, 2010 11:08PM)
I have some shelves, cases, and assorted other storage space for the props, sorted (broadly) by category. Small items are in a stack of envelopes with the effect's name printed on the outside. Gaff cards are all on one shelf, gaff coins on another, etc.

I've just started working on trying to catalogue all of the effects I have in books and on DVDs and index everything. That way I can pop open my database and search, say, for "impromptu card effects" and get a list of effects, with descriptions, and what books they're written up in, along with any notes I may have regarding presentation, variations, or where I might want to use it.
Message: Posted by: adamferrucci (May 14, 2010 05:34AM)
I have very little of my magic "organized". I have 1 briefcase which contains most of the effects I actually use. I have another briefcase filled with spare decks of cards, silks, mouth coils, throw streamers, Slush Powder and a bunch of other stuff. Then I have an ATA Case that my bigger props are in and will most likely stay there until I find a good routine for them. I am also slowly taking over my fiances bookshelf, which is where I keep all my books, Dvds, Lecture Notes, and instructions that came with each trick. I also Have a shelf in another room which has not so magical stuff that I use for magic (Elmers Glue, Rubber Cement, Paper Bags, Gift Bags, rubber bands, envelopes) I guess I'm kind of organized but in a disorganized way. I know where to find what I want to find but it's scattered around and I don't really have a list of everything I have.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Eng (May 14, 2010 05:44AM)
It looks like as long as you are a magician, you will encounter this unsolvable problem lol. My stuffs are also organized in a disorganized way.. Maybe I can create a database software (when I have time) to categorize tricks in books and dvd but that will require lots of work.

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (May 14, 2010 08:35AM)