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Topic: Tarbell effects
Message: Posted by: Erdnase27 (May 15, 2010 03:41PM)
I know this kind of topic has been up multiple times. I never liked it that there were only a few good reactions so I decided to make a own one.
Which are YOUR favorite Tarbell effects and from which volume are they? Mine HAVE to be:

1. The Passe Passe salt (vol.1 page 129). I perform this all the time
2. The Cups and Balls (vol. 1 page 157)
3. Anti Gravico (vol.4 page 36, altough I prefer Flow by Dan Hauss)
4. Card on the Ceiling, Improved (vol.3 page 236)
5. Chink a Chink (vol. 5 page 254)
6. Mystery of the Burning Cigarette (vol. 1 pagw 118)
7. The normal Cut and restored Rope, I think its volume 2?
8. The Egg Bag routine from vol.2 page 277
9. Misers Dream, also vol.2
10. Traveling Marbles (mora's_ vol. 5 page 30
11. Album of stars (vol.4 page 55)

Who ever said Tarbell isn't chuckfull of beautiful and great magic? its my favorite bookset of all time :) I missed beautiful effects from vol. 7 and 8 btw. I will look into those later:)
ANyone else got any recommendations?

Thanks and keep Tarbell alive!
Message: Posted by: Bryan Smith (May 15, 2010 10:30PM)
Yeah, Tarbell does have many great effects. I do his torn and restored napkin when asked to do something at restaurants or whatnot and I haven't come prepared for anything. I am currently practicing the patriotic balls one (without the patriotic theme) to put in act some day.

I don't know who would ever say Tarbell doesn't have some great magic.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (May 18, 2010 03:51AM)
I agree. All the volumes have a phletora of great information!

Message: Posted by: Erdnase27 (May 18, 2010 11:12AM)
Thanks for the reactions :) Appreciated

Come on, nobody reads Tarbell?? :D
Message: Posted by: Flamel (May 18, 2010 11:24AM)
I think most have on this forum. The text is so foundational that I think most people aren't bothering to throw up any particular fav's because the entire text is considered a core document. It’s all good…...and, as you said, this kind of topic is found often on the Café...
Message: Posted by: Robert//Livingston (May 18, 2010 12:22PM)
I love his 'Flying Cards and Envelopes' Volume 4 under Card Transpositions. I've reworked the patter to fit my presentation and it kills :D