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Topic: I need to know what is this!
Message: Posted by: ddeckmann (May 19, 2010 10:45AM)
I usually work with stage shows but I always liked close-up magic for friends, impromptu, dinner parties, etc.

When I entered the world of magic, my father started to give me some old stuff he had on his magic 'warehouse'.

One of this things is a small wooden surface, a little bit larger than the palm of the hand. It's like a chessboard, but no colors, only small squares on it.

I assume it's a prop for coin magic, because it appears that that the prop can hide a coin inside of it.

The only thing my father knows about this is that he once saw Copperfield on TV and he was doing something with this prop. Maybe a coin penetration. He also thinks that is japanese...

I wanted to put a pic, maybe is easier to identify the prop by seeing it... but my digital camera is not working.

I've delevoped a routine where a coin passes through the wooden surface into a glass, with the aid of a hanky. And then I would repeat the feat again but instead the coin vanishes.

Does anyone has a clue about this? If yes, does anyone knows about a pamphlet or something to explain the original routine?

Ideas are welcome!
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (May 19, 2010 09:18PM)
I think you are refering to Panel Board Penetration.