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Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Apr 10, 2002 03:28PM)
Hello All,

This is just a thought.

Philately & Numismatic.
Collect the 50 State quarters.

Collect the 50 state Stamps (Rush to your nearest P.O. before they are sold out)

Together they make a grand collection.

Collect Magic on Stamps
Thematic stamp collection for magicians.
Collect stamps with a magic theme. For each stamp you collect do some research and write-up.

Look out for the Houdini stamp to be issued. Buy the stamp as well as the first Day Cover with a special cancellation. Good collectors item for a Magician.

Like the thought/ idea?

:xmas: USTAAD
Message: Posted by: Lee Marelli (Apr 13, 2002 04:08PM)
What about a stamp from each country in the world? This would be a terrific undertaking. You would of course have to research something about each of the countries. Considering that many people today could not begin to name all but the major countries of the world, I think it would be a real challenge.
Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Apr 13, 2002 05:21PM)
That's a very nice idea. It will also prove to be very useful and handy in some of the magic/ mentalism tricks like "Contimental" and so on.
Message: Posted by: Jason Fleming (Apr 13, 2002 08:01PM)
Look for the Houdini Stamp to be issued in July.