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Topic: Quicky: Which Ammar video?
Message: Posted by: Abacus (Oct 12, 2001 02:59AM)
Hi all!

Ok, Iíve gone over the Ammar beginners DVD a couple times (and I will go over them a few more, no doubt) and have decided to move on to one of his Money Miracle videos.

Iím thinking of getting Number 1 or 2. Iíd love to learn his shadow coins routine, it looks cool ;) Iíve noticed a few of the routines use notes.

How many, if any, of these would work on Australian money? (our notes are plastic). Anyway, at $80 bucks a pop, which would you go for??

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 12, 2001 03:10AM)
Wow...a very tough choice to make indeed.

$80 seems a little high, is that per volume?

Anyway, all of Ammarís videos are top notch (in my opinion), so any volume will do, itís all a matter of opinion I guess. I personally would start with one, then get the second, and so on.

Itís been a while since Iíve watched them, so I can not recall if the "paper money" segments would be usuable with your currency.

However, I believe that even if you can not use the paper money effects, there is still plenty of material to make the purchase a sound investment. Let us know how it works out! :nod:


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Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Oct 12, 2001 05:26AM)
Ammarís tape is fine except that for paper money, youíll have some problems as your currency is in plastic. BTW how do you do a $100 bill switch with your currrency :confused:

Anyway, David Rothís Basic Coin Magic has a routine "Chink a Chink" which has the same effect but different method as Ammarís Shadow Coin. For Ammarís routine, youíll need something which I think you should already have. If you do not have it, itíll set you back by another $40 or so to learn this routine. :hrmph:
Message: Posted by: Mark V (Dec 8, 2001 06:59PM)
I saw Ammar perform Shadow Coins at a lecture a few years ago and you're right, it does look cool. You should know that it isn't suitable for all performance situations due to angles.

If you want to learn it, it's on volume two.

Mark V
Message: Posted by: donaldlaporte (Dec 9, 2001 06:01AM)
If you're interested in doing a few timeless classics at the table, check out the Johnny Thompson videos. He is a great teacher, talking about all the effects to give you a little history. Really top notch stuff.

Message: Posted by: hobbymagic (Feb 5, 2002 09:03AM)
You may be able to get a much better deal using the web. Try

Message: Posted by: craig fothers (Feb 5, 2002 03:50PM)
80 bucks a piece is the price in Aussie dollars... it's thanks to the price of importing the darn things and also because PAL is a little more costly than NTSC format.

Abacus, I looked at buying some vids mail order from the States but I'm not sure just how much 'cheaper' it actually ends up being...

I couldn't decide whether to get his intro to coins dvd or to start collecting 'easy to master card miracles'. I ended up getting one of each - and they are both really, really excellent. :)

makes it hard to choose hey?

I've now got volume 2 of card miracles and in the next month I'll aim at buying volume 3... I really think that they are fantastic. I've heard his easy to master money miracles are really great too...

Do you buy from Sean Taylor? He's watched just about every video he sells... he might be able to help
Message: Posted by: Abacus (Feb 5, 2002 10:40PM)
I've emailed Sean once or twice about stuff, but haven't checked on a price for this. I'll give it a go... His shop is VERY cool.. but so far away from Bondi..

The only on-line place I have ever used to buy things was magictricks.com.au
(same as those UK guys). They were really good, even got me John Lovicks video from the UK at no extra charge..

Thanks for the advice all


Bernard Sim:

Can't say I know exactly how the "Bill Switch" is done, except that it uses a TT, so I can't say if it would work on our currency or not...

I did see Joe Labero do it on stage though.

It can still be folded, but it must be held firmly because it springs back. Maybe you could use the Gypsi Switch??

Message: Posted by: craig fothers (Feb 6, 2002 11:55PM)
In Australia the bill switch isn't as flashy. You take 2 hundred dollar notes and change them into 100 U.S. dollars... at your local money exchange.

how I hate the economy.

Abacus - Sean is open on Thursday nights till 9 and most of Saturday. He's expensive. But his shop *** well rocks. If he weren't so good at demoing, I'd be a wealthier man I'm sure :rotf: