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Topic: Trybil: AKA: The Multi-Bob Book
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Jun 25, 2010 10:50PM)
I was very please with Mr. Bill Cushman’s much anticipated E-book on Multi-Bob pendulums. I have never seen a Multi-Bob unit before and was really curious on how it worked and what do to with it.

I was delighted to find that this e-book answer those questions and more. A Multi-Bob Pendulums is basically a rod with more than one pendulum hanging down from the rod. The performer selects one and just by concentrating on that pendulum it can be made to swing while the other pendulums remain still. Any of the pendulums can be made to move by you or a spectator. This fact had me thinking of all kinds of possibilities in using this device.

The routines within this e-book cover a wide range of effects. You can use as a force or in a spooky voodoo routine.

There are also routines on the use of a single pendulum that commands your attention. If you are a mentalist or maybe a magician who would like to add pendulum work to your repertoire, this is a GREAT e-book!


Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jun 27, 2010 05:17PM)
Ray, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you've been turned on to the Multi-Bob and will be very curious to learn what you choose to do with it.

For anyone reading about this here for the first time, when you follow the link Ray so thoughtfully provided you can watch a video of hands off "long distance Multibobbing," which impresses me no matter how many times I watch or perform it.

There is also a preview pdf you can read online or download that includes the Foreword by Tony Razzano, the Table of Contents and my introduction. The latter has pictures of several Multi-Bobs crafted by Rich Hennessey at mentalcraft.com to give you an idea of what is possible.
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jun 27, 2010 07:40PM)
I'm glad you've finally gotten put together. I'm sure this is another winner. Bill is on a roll... or three rolls tied to strings on a long stick. :rotf:

Message: Posted by: Nathan Pain (Jun 27, 2010 08:11PM)
Bill told me about this a LONG time ago...really glad to see it finally out!

Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jun 28, 2010 12:14AM)
Read it. Loved it. Great ideas and presentations. I've sent a few new ones to Bill so we're deciding how to send them to the new owners of Trybil. In about a week I should have them written up.

Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Jun 28, 2010 11:16AM)
It is funny that MOST people don’t really understand the impact of using a pendulum has on people.

You can do all your fancy stuff but the moment that you bring out a pendulum you create instant inquisitiveness. People (mostly women) are drawn toward it for the mystery that it is known for. Think about it, how many times have you seen someone use a pendulum? For most of the Café readers the answer will be NEVER. So it isn’t any wonder that most here really don’t grasp the power that a simple pendulum can produce on a spectator.

Why just be like everyone else when using a pendulum can increase your performance? I realized that if a person hasn’t ever seen a pendulum used to answer a question or to read minds then they are truly missing out on this great form of entertainment. I thought that a pendulum was just a dumb thing to use until I actually bought one and used it! WOW, I was a believer after the first time that I used it. The people thought that I had REAL powers. LOL

You may think that you are too cool to use a simply pendulum. I thought that I was too……. But now I always carry one on me or I make one using my finger ring on the spot. A pendulum adds so much drama and style to any performer. You will do yourself a favor by learning how to use a pendulum and there are a few books on the subject (if you look hard).

Using a pendulum takes a persona that is mysterious and engaging. Most magicians fall short when learning how to properly use a pendulum. They think of it as a simply prop and treat it as so. The wise performer sees that the pendulum is a tool to contact the inner self, to read minds and connect with the world of the living impaired.

I don’t get a red cent for talking about this e-book and I am only doing it because I know the power a simply pendulum can have on people. To them….it is truly real magic.

Message: Posted by: bevbevvybev (Jun 29, 2010 09:28AM)
Had a chance to read through this now and it's great stuff! Very inspiring, It's made me remember to use not only the normal pendulums I have lying around more often but also to make up some of my own weird pendulum creations!

It's kind of freaky when you try this stuff, but the good thing is it works in pretty much any environment. You can make a small one and carry it with you - it's on of those things that, even though it's kind of mentalism if you dress it up right, it's actually a prop! And we're always trying to get away from using props. Well multi-bobs are cool things, everyone's interested in them and they're good for so many different types of presentation. Even if you simply tell people what's actually happening it's still pretty weird!

Lots of good ideas in this book!
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jun 29, 2010 07:58PM)
Thank you Bev! The pocket sized version of a Multi-Bob Rich gives instructions on making in Trybil is ideal for many situations though I am hooked on his handcrafted versions.

However...Mr. Arce mentions that he sent me some additional ideas above. One of them is such a perfect fit for Rich's version in Trybil that you'll have to try it out! The prop and the routine fit like hand and glove.

Speaking of Greg's FIVE routines he sends me when I think I'm finally done I cannot NOT share these! The details are still up in the air. All will be worked out over the next few days and either an updated edition of Trybil we be created (and sent out to all those who purchased it already) or Greg's effects will be sent out as an extra attachment.

If you've ordered and received Trybil and don't hear from me by next week with the update, PLEASE write me here or at wcushman@bellsouth.net. I'm juggling a lot of things right now so don't hesitate! You do not want to even take a chance of missing out on Greg's routines!

And Ray, I thought carrying a pendulum on me was what made me cool!
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jun 30, 2010 09:28PM)
OK, Mauricio is a mad genius speed demon and the Update is completed! Some bad links were fixed in the process as well.

I just sent out the updates. If you do not get them by tonight, let me know as soon as possible. For that matter I wouldn't mind knowing they were succesfully received as BCC is new to me.

Trybil is up to 148 pages now but it is the quality not quantity that is the true value. However, a few more very cool effects doesn't hurt! By the way, while we were editing one more effect of mine "fell" in, "Trybilyte."
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Jun 30, 2010 10:34PM)
WOW... more effects!

Looking forward to reading MORE on penulums.

Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jul 1, 2010 12:36AM)
Ray, it wasn't clear to me. Did you get the update this evening?

Believe it or not, Greg wrote with one more idea after Mauridio finished Trybil tonight for the LAST time! Typical Greg; you gotta love him!
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jul 2, 2010 07:48AM)
This book should be part of every magician's collection. Even if you don't think of a pendulum as 'magic' for performance, many in your audience does believe that pendulums are magic. So, any magician can get immediate attention in an impromptu situation, gauge the level of spectaor interest/involvemnt, and then seque into a magic effect that will appeal to that particular group. Many ring-on-String effects can trow in a little pendulum work in the middle, etc.

So, get this booklet and learn dozens of ways to use a pendulum effectively that may never have occured to you. Well written -- concise expalations -- and fun.
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Jul 4, 2010 06:41PM)
This is great stuff.

Message: Posted by: Ben Harris (Jul 5, 2010 12:12AM)
I'm new to pendulum work. This book has me really excited. One of those shake your head moments. Brilliant stuff.

Message: Posted by: cpbartak (Jul 5, 2010 03:12PM)
This e-book would be worth it if it only contained Mauricio's 'Onstage Multi-Bobber' and Michael Weber's 'A Branch from the Tree of Knowledge,' but it's chock full of quality routine after quality routine from many of mentalism's best. This e-book is a no-brainer for those even mildly curious about pendulum work.
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Jul 8, 2010 12:18PM)
Hello Dowsers.Rich here from Mentalcraft just to let you know that if you wish to order a custom Multi-Pendulum,please look at the various single pendulums at Mentacraft http://www.mental-craft.com/.

You can mix and match various 'bob's' chains etc.Please contact me at rmagish@optonline.net with your idea for a Multi-Pendulum.I will let you know if I can do it and I will give you a fair price.

In addition to the examples in Dr. Bill Cushman's GREAT ebook 'Trybil',you can see a few other examples at my Photobucket page. http://s284.photobucket.com/albums/ll36/MahaRichie/

The guest password is: heka37.

My best.
Rich Hennessey
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jul 8, 2010 10:23PM)
Thank you all for your wonderful words! Funsway, not only does your post capture crucial aspects of Multi-Bobs but your contributions even more so. I'm still refnining your brilliant technique of operating two or more pendulums at a time.

D, Benny and cpbartak, your posts add so much more to what I intend for Trybil to commmunicate. In respponse to Rich:

This is a great opportunity that you are offering. Simply having the range of Multi-Bob Pendulums available on Mentalcraft is unprecedented. Rich has my deepest gratitude for making it so easy for the readers of Trybil to purchase such elegant Multi-Bobs and perform the many effects within.

But Rich allowing you to create a Multi-Bob to your own specifications grants an opportunity that will enrich your performances exponentially. I love his "motto," PENDULUMS: UNDERRATED, UNDERUSED, AMAZING! Trybil was written in a large part to overcome the first two descriptors by accentuating and demonstrating the third.

Purchasing a Multi-Bob or standard pendulum from Rich is not only a financial investment, but a personal one as well. I promise you will become attached to your Multi-Bob or standard pendulum all the more due to your choices and input. It will be "yours," something that you will cherish, be proud to own, display and share with others both in performance and personally.
Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Jul 10, 2010 02:04PM)
The principle behind "multi-bob" pendula is, of course, basic physics. Having said that, the first such effect that I saw marketed was the "Burmese Bells" produced by the original Collectors' Workshop (Rich Bloch and Nick Ruggiero) sometime between 1987 and 1991 (it is not listed in their 1987 catalog and first shows up on their 1991 price list). The instructions credit the concept/design of their prop to Olivia Jones, the wife of New England magician Mike Jones.

The CW prop was a clear lucite rod about 1" in diameter and 17" long. Passing through the rod and suspended from it are five cords of different lengths, each of which has a different colored bead at the top and a different brass bell at the bottom. The performer simply holds the rod horizontal to the floor and an audience member designates a color bead (or a bell) and, with no apparent action on the part of the performer, the designated bell begins to sway -- imperceptibly at first and then more vigorously while the other four remain motionless. The "Burmese Bells" sold for $25 in 1991.

The motion of the chosen bell (pendulum) is, of course, caused by the same principle as the motion of a single pendulum in the classic "sex detector" pendulum effect. I don't know (nor do the CW instructions say) whether the application of the principle of multiple pendula to a magic/mental effect was original with Ms. Jones or whether it was inspired by an earlier adaptation of the basic pendulum effect by someone else.
Message: Posted by: Waters (Jul 10, 2010 04:25PM)
I have one of those (Burmese Bells) in my "magic" closet and I used to amaze myself (and others) watching it work. It was given to me as a gift by my good friend Chris Brent Shirley (who later became a demonstrator for Viking/CW). This was my first experience with the ideomotor effect.

While I do have this ebook, I have not had the chance to read it, but this phenomenon is one of the fascinating in our areas of interest (and I agree that it is sadly underexplored). That's why I am so pleased about this new work and am thankful for those who submitted routines/ideas for the readers.

I often forget about pendulum/pendula, maybe because I just haven't been inspired by a wonderful routine. I am confident that I will find some worthy material (given the confidence I have in its contributors).

Thanks Bill.


Message: Posted by: pduffie (Jul 14, 2010 06:36AM)
I think this is s a wonderful collection of ideas. I am actually amazed (astounded) that there are so many ideas and effects using this prop.

I think the premise is adaptable to both magicians and mentalists. There is a sort f psychic feel to the way the prop appears and works. It doesn't look like a traditional trick!

Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Jul 20, 2010 06:14AM)
There is a new sub category at MentalCraft:'Multi Pendulums'.


For a limited time I am offering free Worldwide shipping on all Multi-Pendula.

Any other item/items ordered along with a Multi-Pendulum will also ship free.

I am also accepting orders for personally customized Multi-Pendula.

Examples of some of the various components available can be seen throughout the individual pendulum category.

My best.
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jul 22, 2010 09:41PM)
Dick, you wrote above, "The principle behind "multi-bob" pendula is, of course, basic physics," and "I don't know (nor do the CW instructions say) whether the application of the principle of multiple pendula to a magic/mental effect was original with Ms. Jones or whether it was inspired by an earlier adaptation of the basic pendulum effect by someone else."

Let me address both issues.

Regarding basic physic, yes of course they are a major factor. As John Riggs wrote in the effect, "From A Slender Cord, Swinging," which he contributed to Trybil, "I also won't bore you with a discussion of frequency, pitch, and wave cycles."

In "A Branch From The Tree Of Knowledge", one of the two of Michael Weber's contributions to Trybil he briefly addresses the physics behind Multi-Bobs, stating, "The method is the age old series of 3 differently lengths of cord, therefore three different and independent frequencies of resonance are required to make any one of the pendulums move."

I have no issue with describing the precise method, dating back to at least the work of Galileo, as I think it is as amazing in and of itself. Of course I respectfully will not share the finer points required to get the most out of a Multi-Bob Pendulum or the routines in Trybil as that would be exposure of the heart of what for me was a labor of love.

Aside from basic physics behind pendulum movement we also have basic physiology acting on the Multi-Bob in the form of the ideomotor response. I find this the more amazing of the two operative factors, stemming as it does from the human brain. To me this is about as close to real mentalism as one can get and I have no problem with sharing this aspect with an audience so long as the explanation is brief and doesn't become pedantic.

Addressing the origins of adapting the science of pendulums to the art of deception, let me quote directly from Trybil:

"The earliest mention in the magic literature I have located is in David P. Abbott’s, 'Behind The Scenes With Mediums,' published in 1909. An excellent (and glowing) description is given and Abbott writes that he believed 'the trick was unknown to the dealers of secrets of use to mediums, and to the best of my knowledge has never become known.'" Abbott proceeds to describe other phenomena with pendulums involving bottles and frames, forms of which are also used in effects shared in Trybil.

As for the Burmese Bells, not to insult CW or the Joneses, but they pale in comparison with the wonderful creations of Rich Hennessey available at the site posted above. My first reaction when I saw a photograph, and the reaction of almost everyone else I've talked to who has either owned or seen the Burmese Bells, is that they look like a clown's prop.

Nor is this meant as an insult to clowns! It is just that the intent behind the effects in Trybil is to provide mind blowing performance pieces for mentalists and magicians. Rich's creations share this intention and are in a completely different, and most elegant, class.

Sean, it is time to get reading! I know from the quality of your own work that you will appreciate what is offered in Trybil.

And thank you Peter for giving such a glowing, simple and precise description of the concepts in Trybil. I have appreciated your own recent contributions to the field of mentalism and value your opinions.
Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Jul 23, 2010 06:23AM)

Thanks for the wealth of historical information contained in your post above.

As to other issues, I certainly didn't think that my reference to "basic phsyics" was either an exposure of any "secret" information or in any way demeaning of the your work in developing Trybil.

You'll also get no argument from me concerning the "look" of CW's "Burmese Bells" which I would certainly describe as "cheap" and/or "cheesy" -- certainly at the nadir of quality when compared to the look of other CW creations. I purchased it years ago primarily because I collect original CW items. I have never used it in a performance, nor would I even consider doing so. In fact, shortly after I received it, I made such a "multi-bob" prop for myself from a branch cut from a tree on my property, with various talismans hanging from thin leather thongs -- a rather "natural" or "wiccan" look -- and while I don't use it in any of my shows I have put it aside for possible use in a future "seance" or other appropriate program. The only reason I mentioned the "Burmese Bells" was to note that such a prop had been marketed on at least one occasion in the past -- not, BTW, to imply that any similar device currently being offered represented unathorized or unethical piracy of a proprietary CW item.

I offer this clarification to ensure that my earlier post to this thread is not misunderstood or misinterpreted and not to take issue with anything you have said.
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jul 23, 2010 08:49PM)
Dick, not to worry! I didn't think for one second that you were exposing or demeaning anything to do with Trybil nor implying any kind of infringement. I'm sorry if my post came off that way. I fear my passion may have come off as a defense when it was, well, passion!

Truly I didn't feel for a moment that there was anything to defend. Your own scholarship just encouraged me to fill in some of the blanks.

I actually think letting people know precisely how pendulums operate, both standard and Multi-Bob, is a good thing. I have many times made purchases based on finding out how an effect works when the advertisement was designed to disguise the method.

And I've encouraged creators and sellers, when possible, to share their methods feeling they would actually sell more of their product. I know this can't be done in all cases, such as with my ebook The Fource which was nearly impossible to describe without giving up the game, or when there is a physical prop that can be easily made or purchased in another form. Think Frixion pens before they became commonly known.

I have bought high priced book tests only after knowing the method and being so impressed. Larry Becker and Lee Earle are good examples of two creators applying this logic with their book test Double Vision. They made the entire instructions available online to perspective customers and I’d bet doing so sold a lot of copies.

I think letting people know that they can buy an ebook that will teach them how to use physics and their own brain power to control the movement of one pendulum hanging from a rod with several others, while those others stay still, is a selling point. I know it would be for me!

It certainly is a significant factor in the excitement that led to my writing Trybil. The other factor for customers, and it is a strong one, are the routines contributed that even if you know the methodology offer major value. From that perspective someone who owned The Burmese Bells would have all the more reason to buy Trybil. But I don’t think they’d use them after reading it!

You might be interested to know that there are two contributions to Trybil from gentlemen who, like you, were inspired to use a tree branch as the rod for their Multi-Bob pendulum. Had I known about your routine, I would have loved to include it as well.

One last note. Another reason I would be encouraged to buy a product I know the method behind is even if I could make it myself I couldn’t make it nearly as well as a skilled craftsmen.

Which brings me to letting you know that Rich Hennessey just put up the photos of the Multi-Bobs I custom ordered as mentioned on the Pennys forum. I strongly recommend taking a look. You can find them at: http://tinyurl.com/35jgwmh

One of the coolest features that Rich built in is being able to use these as 3 or 5 pendulum Multi-Bobs without sacrificing any aesthetic or functional value. You can switch out just the bobs for special effects such as those described in Trybil and when you remove the pendulums to use individually they have very nice beads at the top for holders. But best of all, is how beautiful they turned out. Museum quality!

Just click the link above and you'll find them in Rich’s new Multi-Bob department. I'm keeping an eye out for the mailman tomorrow!
Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Jul 24, 2010 06:13AM)

I appreciate the clarification. I've looked at some of the pendula on Rich's site in the past, but not since he came out with his multi-bob models so I'll have to take a look at them. I have only used the one I made on a couple of occasions, mostly for friends and family, so don't really have a real "routine" for it yet. I do however, often carry a single pendulum in a small bag in my pocket (along with a "haunted key" and a deck of cards) for use if/when I need something handy for an impromptu demonstration and have a small collection of various pendula for that purpose. My favorite is a small brass "Abbe Mermet" model and for situations when something with a bizarre look is appropriate one with an antique carved ivory Japanese netsuke in the shape of a skull with a turtle on the top of its head which hangs with its "eyes" looking downward.

When I really want to amaze someone, I have a very simple one that I made -- consisting of a small lead fishing weight on the end of a thread hanging from the cork in a wine bottle sealed with wax. I am able to make it swing by simply placing the bottle on a table, then -- without touching the bottle -- placing my hands flat on the table and concentrating. It really freaks people out.
Message: Posted by: Mauricio Jaramillo (Jul 28, 2010 04:44PM)
Just filmed a Multi-Bob routine from Trybil on live TV; powerful stuff!

Amazing Mentalism, Excellent Author, Incredible book!
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Jul 28, 2010 08:44PM)
Thanks Mauricio. It is very rewarding for me to hear about people "Multibobbing" professionally and the still you sent me from your television appearance looked great. You are very intense!

Dick, I have no idea what a Japanese netsuke is but it sounds very cool. I'd love to see a picture. The sealed in a bottle model is also a great way to freak people out, especially when done hands off as you describe. You need to try it, though not sealed in a bottle :), with a 5 pendulum Multi-Bob as Mauricio performed on television. If you haven't seen this done there is a video you can download from the ad at Outlaw.

I received my custom order from Rich the other day with what I have been calling The Royal China model and the smaller version, The Prince of China. Both have bamboo rods and and detachable chains with Chinese coins for the bobs.

The Royal China uses real 900 year-old Chinese coins while the Prince uses smaller replicas. Both types are removable so other bobs can be substituted and the real ancient coins didn't have to be damaged in any way.

The removable chains also allow for you to use either as a 3 bobber when needed as well as providing five beautiful standard pendulums which is great for working with a group of people. Rich used bamboo beads at the top of the chains at my request so that there is a nice holder when using them individually.

I continue to learn more every day. I was originally concerned 5 bobs might be more difficult to handle but that isn't the case at all. I'm very taken with the Royal China's sensitivity and find it both the easiest version to still and control the pendulums in any manner desired. I think it likely has something to do with the heft of the coins as well as lengths of the very sturdy chains Rich used.

It is a breeze to move any two pendulums at the same time in different ways, for example one going in clockwise circle and the other counterclockwise. This looks and feels eerie as all get out. This idea (moving two pendulums in different directions) is one of the contributions of the gentleman who posts as Funsway and is a great way to end a routine.
Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Jul 29, 2010 02:15AM)

Netsuke are miniature sculptures that were invented in 17th-century Japan to serve a practical function (the two Japanese characters ne+tsuke mean "root" and "to attach"). Traditional Japanese garments—robes called kosode and kimono—had no pockets; however, men who wore them needed a place to store their personal belongings, such as pipes, tobacco, money, seals, or medicines.

Their solution was to place such objects in containers (called sagemono) hung by cords from the robes' sashes (obi). The containers may have been pouches or small woven baskets, but the most popular were beautifully crafted boxes (inro), which were held shut by ojimes, which were sliding beads on cords. Whatever the form of the container, the fastener that secured the cord at the top of the sash was a carved, button-like toggle called a netsuke.

Netsuke, like the inro and ojime, evolved over time from being strictly utilitarian into objects of great artistic merit and an expression of extraordinary craftsmanship. Such objects have a long history reflecting the important aspects of Japanese folklore and life. Netsuke production was most popular during the Edo period in Japan, around 1615-1868. Today, the art lives on, and some modern works can command high prices in the UK, Europe, the USA, Japan and elsewhere. Inexpensive yet faithful reproductions are available in museums and souvenir shops.

If you google Netsuke you can find pictures of various examples.
Message: Posted by: muse (Aug 25, 2012 10:33AM)
Bill, if you want to read more about Netsuke, I recommend the novel 'The Hare with Amber Eyes' by Edmund de Waal to you. It is beautifully written, and although gently paced, it tells an amazing family story that wends through Japan, Odessa, Paris and Vienna. A really beautiful book.

Also check out Edmund de Waal's website, and if you click on the "Gallery" link on the page at http://www.edmunddewaal.com/writing/ you will see some examples of netsuke. But read the book too!
Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Sep 9, 2012 12:15PM)
It is always so strange to see a thread emerge after two years. And in this case sad, given the loss of the last poster in 2010.

But thank you for the link muse. It all looks very interesting and I never did look into it as Dick suggested at the time.
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Dec 6, 2013 01:29PM)
It's 50% off on ALL of Bill's e-books, through Jan 2nd.

Folks can buy directly from Bill at wcushman@bellsouth.net and/or go to Outlaw and check out Bill's stuff in the "Arsenal". There is a link to "ebooks," and you purchase them there.

Message: Posted by: George Hunter (Feb 6, 2019 03:43PM)
This is an ancient thread, but I am a late joiner of the multi-bob party. I bought Trybil two or three years ago, but just read it carefully in the past week.

I am posting now to inform a possible update to the single option once available from Viking. Their original Burmese Bells did, indeed, feature bells hanging from a plexiglass rod. I can understand the resistance of some in this community to that appearance.

However, since this thread Viking has come out with a bamboo version. For me, this resolves any plexiglass phobia that I might have experienced. The bamboo appears pretty authentic. I now wrap mine in a burlap cloth, tied at both ends with 3/16" jute rope. (I bought both at a fabric shop for about $6.00.)

I was stimulated by a re-read of Walt Anthony's Tales of Enchantment to create a story to support the effect. My audiences like it, a lot.

Since we lost Rich, it is hard for those of us who are not arts and crafts guys to find a multi-bob on the market. Viking's bamboo version satisfies me so mush that I thought that some of you might want to check it out.

Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Apr 6, 2019 07:52PM)
Good catch, thanks George!
Message: Posted by: Gordon Astley (Nov 17, 2019 08:53PM)
Late to the party also. Anyone in the Uk selling Multi Bobs, please ?