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Topic: Snakes and Birds
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 27, 2010 12:38PM)
Ok new issue withthe outdoor aviary! doves have finally acclamated to their new aviary, and starting to choose their nest, Have had an egg or two from time to time, then they just dissappear or sometimes I may find the crushed or what looked like a dropped egg. I have finally come to realize SNAK or Snakes are getting them, I get an egg one day, then gone the next. I am guessing Garden snakes because of our location. So far no birds hurt or killed, just eggs gone, They say Garden snakes love the eggs, and can get thru the Half inch by half inch wire mesh eat the egg, crush it and get back out thru the mesh. Have searched the web and found snake away . a snake repellant product. Have sprinkled this crystal like product around the base of the aviary and willsee what happens and I will post this result,

Anyone else deal with this issue, any fixes you can recommend that work. They also say to put Moth Balls around the cage, But these are dangerous if you have children around the area, don't want those kids eating them. The snake repellent smells just like the mopth balls, they say it messes up their senses?? I will pass on what I learn, but wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue as well

Message: Posted by: 123TJS321 (Jun 27, 2010 01:56PM)
I have heard that garlic also works well
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 27, 2010 02:33PM)
I will research this avenue as well. thanks for replying.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 27, 2010 02:38PM)
Hey Chris, I've never had a snake issuse but I know Bob Sanders has talked about it several times in the past. I asked him to drop by here and give some insight.

You could buy a mongoose. I think they eat snakes. Just kidding. I know this is a serious problem and while they're only targeting eggs right now, you don't want them to advance to a larger meal.
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 27, 2010 05:01PM)
Neighbors dog brings him small garden snakes as a gift every now and then. research is coming up with them eating the eggs and also could eat small baby doves, ( just after they hatchg). anything they can dislocate their small jaw and swallow whole.

I have seen no signs of doves being bitten or acting as if bitten.Yet? I have a new egg in the nest as of yesterday, and have the Snake away repellent put into place, should know in a couple of days if this deters the activity.
I have been keeping a keen eye on the cage as well, If I catch that crawling beast he is in for it... LOL. I was hoping they would go for a fake egg? but I figure they would know better. eat a fake egg, wont crush in his Mouth, Cant get thru the small half inch squares?????? Time will tell

Bob , If you are out there and floating around the Café, chime in or send a PM. thanks guys, I will let you guys know how the snake away works out.

Posted: Jun 27, 2010 6:02pm
Dave... If you can find a good price on the mongoose let me know!
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 27, 2010 05:54PM)
Chris, I talked with Bob a little about this. I explained your situation. He says there is a product made by Ortho that repels snakes. He also says in their area, dogs, cats and chickens take care of the snakes. I'd still go with the mongoose. Who knows, you could have a unique act in the making.

Wish I could give you some better advice. Hopefully your snake repellent with do the trick.
Message: Posted by: Cyberqat (Jun 27, 2010 06:26PM)

What is the cat in the picture with you? He/she is gorgeous!

(Don't suppose they'd let me have one in Boston, Massachusettes.)
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 27, 2010 07:14PM)
Cyber,,,, Asian leopard, very wirery, love to jump, and very fast, they can be in front of you , then right behind you, and on your back the very next second. Very careful around these critters. you may have one in Mass, Just need proper caging, care and maintanence as directed by the USDA.
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 27, 2010 07:16PM)
Dave, This sounds like what I am using, I will have to double check who it is by, but I am sure it is the same concoction, I will let you guys know the results in the next few days. Thanks so much for chiming in here and helping me put this issue to rest. be in touch.......
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 27, 2010 07:17PM)
Oh ya... Cyber and add to that the food bill of at least 25 pounds of chicken or meat product a day
Message: Posted by: Cyberqat (Jun 28, 2010 08:59AM)
The food bill would be worth it. But I'm smart enough to know that I don't have the training to handle a truly wild cat.

I do love them, though :)
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 28, 2010 11:36AM)
Ok egg made it thru the night, but we had rain, so I think this may have kept snake or snakes in the wood pile or curled up somewhere, Rain is going away today and warming back up. will do the ritual of sprinkilng the crystals of Snake away around the cages. Sounds like a pagaen ritual...LOL.. Bob Sanders recomends the Smith and Wesson or colt 45..LOL or a hoe.... would be nice if I could catch the egg bandit in the act. I will keep you guys posted on my snake away adventures thanks agin for all of you who have chimed in
Message: Posted by: 1906Alpha1906 (Jun 28, 2010 07:55PM)
Hey Chris, I can get you some Ho's if you need them......oh wait, what type of ho are we talking about? *LOL*

Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 28, 2010 09:40PM)
Thomas,,,One with a long handle....LOL. Cha Moan ...HE He I thought about that for asplit second once I typed it....

I do remember in the old westerns the cowboys having Guns and hoes in the salloons, wasnt sure how they used the hoes to kill snakes,,,,,,, toy crazy man you. Good to see you in here though,, Just split some shale rock, and put it down in the walkway, looks great, will put some pea gravel in between the rocks next. No snakes today while I was laying stone, So far so good with the eggs, will send pics when the vines (morning glory) start to flower all over the aviary, I am stoked.
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 28, 2010 10:01PM)
You crazy man you,,, typing with one finger in a room only lit by the monitor not toy crazy man/
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jul 9, 2010 08:41PM)
So Far .... Snake away is working very well, it is a mixture of the same chemical that is in Moth balls, according to the ingredients label, plyus a great mix of sulfur which you can smell on a hot day. Messes with the snakes senses, I recommend this if you ever have snake issues. Thanks to all for the help. Bob S. I also picked up a colt 45 for back-up
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jul 11, 2010 11:42AM)
Ok snakes seemed to have VANISHED, now my problem with the doves are ... they are fighting over the nest boxes, and crowding them. As I watched, one jumped out of the nest and had the egg stuck to her belly, means cracking eggs in a crowded nest. Realized I hadnt been feeding them the oyster shells, so know I am doing the feeding regimant of the grit, Oyster shells for calcium deficiency, which will help thicken their egg shells. as of today, have 3 eggs in the nest, and all is well. Have to wait till the end of the month to see if the hatchling is a regular white Java Dove or a Silkie Java dove. Keep that Grit and Oyster shell in the aviary. also read up that the calcium deficiency also leads to neurological disorders as well, This would explain the twisted neck syndrome one of my doves had.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 11, 2010 03:43PM)
Chris, do you have multiple nests in your aviary? It's not good to have two sets of parents with eggs in the same nest. The male will attack the one that is not his.

My first doves got oyster shells all the time for grit but then all of a sudden, oyster shells weren't available anylonger. I looked everywhere. I could find bags of shells that were almost powder no real shells. I'm using a grit for parakeets and small birds right now. Seems to be working fine but I wish I could get the shells.

I told my wife we should start a diet of oysters for us and then I'll break up the shells into tiny pieces.
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jul 11, 2010 08:27PM)
Dave,,, I got nest all over the place, all at the same height, plus a few scattered, 6 nest all together to choose from. ample amount it seems like. right now there are two sets of eggs side by side, and the 2 dovesseem to be splitting or sharing the nest. sometimes when thew other dove is eating or flying around, they actually roll all the eggs under whom ever may be in the nest. They seem to be taking turns, with one male watching over them. and he keeps bringing more straw to them as I toss it in the cage. the nest are 7 inches wide by 12 long. I am wondering if I move the eggs to another nest, will they follow them? I keep putting more straw in the other nest hoping more males will go to it and re arrange the straw and call the female to the new nest. AArggghhh. so far these eggs are doing just fine. Thanks for looking out for me.

Found the oyster shell or shell bits at the feed store. Atwoods,,, do you have that chain of feed stores where you live? I do have to crush them up a bit more, they are pretty big chunks, and the doves toss it out while looking for the smaller bits. so we have them crushed up a bit more and placed in the chick feeder to keep them from spreading it around with their beaks.

The new Aviary is looking good with the vines really going to town, and more flowers in place to add great color. will send some pics of some before and after shots. Thanks again,,, good to hear from you.
Message: Posted by: 1906Alpha1906 (Jul 12, 2010 05:47AM)
Chris - Sounds like you have a Pimp Dove in the house....I hope the females have his money!! *haha* He may Dove slap 'em. *lol*

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 12, 2010 02:59PM)
I don't think we have Atwoods here. We have some feed stores but I haven't checked them out. Sounds like you've got plenty of nests. Maybe they all just like getting together and singing Cumbaya :lol:
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jul 12, 2010 04:08PM)
I try moving the ladies around, but the boss man keeps bringing them back,,,LOL