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Topic: MagicDraw iPhone/iPodTouch App now available
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jun 27, 2010 11:39PM)
My favorite iPhone App is now available on iTunes

There are three reasons why this App is not for everyone:
1) It's not cheap.
2) We are keeping it out of the hands of the mere curious.
3) It was created by a professional magician for other magicians.
Here is the amazing effect for those who recognize the value:
Using our special drawing App on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you make a concealed prediction and place it face down on the table. Next, have someone name any playing card or secretly write it on a piece of paper. You then reveal your iPhone prediction in the form of random scribbles -- they groan. "No really, that's your card. You can't see it?" You now shake the phone and the scribbles visually animate to spell the name of the selected card! They're not groaning now!
And best of all, it doesn't have to be a card trick. You can draw a scribbled prediction of anything! Simply shake the phone and the scribbles magically transform into your "anything-ness."

Programmed by Carl Andrews 
Inspired by Richard Sanders "Identity"and Jeff Prace's "Scribbles of Destiny."
Message: Posted by: jprace (Jun 28, 2010 12:24AM)
Well it looks interesting. I'll be sticking to my Scribbles of Destiny [Genii, January 2010] but I like the look of this.
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jun 28, 2010 01:47PM)
Jeff You won't stick to it if you see this, believe me it does SO MUCH MORE! It's always ready, no force card, visual animation and it does not have to be a card trick. It's really cool! Send me an email or PM As I emailed you a while back, I would like to send you a copy.
Message: Posted by: magicnorm (Jun 28, 2010 10:22PM)
Hey Carl where is the app available and also any way it could be applied to the Droid?

Message: Posted by: magicnorm (Jun 28, 2010 10:23PM)
Ok, my bad, I see its abvailable on ituns. dahhhh! But my second question stands. Thanks dude!!

Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jun 29, 2010 07:31AM)
Norm it is on iTunes and for the iPhone/iPod Touch, sorry no Droid at this time.
Message: Posted by: Robert M (Jun 29, 2010 09:47AM)
I couldn't download it to my iPod Touch (which is only 6 months old). It said I needed the new iPhone software to run it. Is that right?

Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jun 29, 2010 12:47PM)
MagicDraw is for iOS 4, make sure your software is up-to-date before trying to download.
Message: Posted by: jekyllandhyde (Jun 29, 2010 08:26PM)
Been using Scribbles of Destiny since just after the magazine's arrival and it gets great reactions. I'm curious as to how the perceived effect is different with this.
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jun 29, 2010 08:54PM)
Jekyllandhyde the difference is AMAZING! it's like Scribbles on Steroids :)
Let me mention a few enhancements
- No set-up, always ready to go
- Instantly repeat with a different card or different object all together
-No force card needed, you can do it with any card named or selected
-The scribbles are animated as they form the words
-IT DOESN"T have to be a card trick
If that's not enough to get you excited, it's not for you :)
Message: Posted by: jekyllandhyde (Jun 29, 2010 09:12PM)
Appreciate the response Carl. I'll think about it as I love the effect.
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jun 30, 2010 04:24PM)
From Nick Lewin "Your MagicDraw is just great. Even better than Freakin.' SO many possibilities.
great job, keep 'em coming!"
Message: Posted by: Jay Jennings (Jul 1, 2010 03:08AM)
Sounds cool -- I only wish it didn't require iOS4. I'm using an iPhone 3G and don't want to upgrade because of the speed issues I've seen on other 3G iPhones that have upgraded (plus, if I upgrade I'll lose my tethering ability).

Just curious, is there stuff in it that requires iOS4 or did you just go with the defaults when you compiled?

Jay Jennings
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jul 1, 2010 08:03AM)
Hey Jay,
I understand. I was using the new SDK and just trying to keep up with the newest software :)
All the best,
Message: Posted by: jprace (Jul 1, 2010 06:56PM)
Carl sent me the app and I must say it's very cool! I like it a lot. Well done!!
Message: Posted by: ScottRSullivan (Jul 3, 2010 10:22AM)
Carl, you can compile for older OS compatibility even though you are using the latest Base build. I think what Jay was asking is if there is any code that is iOS4 specific. If not, you can still compile for 3.x devices.
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Jul 3, 2010 02:22PM)
Hmmm... looking at the screenshots, it appears that the lines do not "morph" into the final revelation, rather that there's random lines that are simply moved "off" the reveal. Perhaps the shaking action might conceal this discrepancy? Is it possible to see a video of the change?
Message: Posted by: MAOmagic (Jul 3, 2010 07:52PM)
I've been messing around with it, and it seems a little odd. Not my favorite magic app. There are a few things that could be added. But Maybe this will come in future updates. I don't wanna say here because it exposes. the secret.
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jul 5, 2010 10:13PM)
Philemon there is a demo on youtube although best seen in person, it really does appear to morph and yes the movement does add to the illusion. To the person watching they will tell you they saw the lines morph into the prediction, it just looks amazing to them. I get amazing reactions with this.

MAOmagic feel free to email me privately with any update suggestions, I would be happy to hear them.

Scott I may go back and do 3.2, thanks!

All the best,
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jul 13, 2010 06:20PM)
MagicDraw now backwards compatible to OS3.1
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Jul 14, 2010 09:31PM)
"It is rare to have a magic effect, a truly magically magic effect, that also gets laughs. Carl thank you for Magic Draw. I get not only laughs but a solid magic effect. The looks on the spectators face is priceless. Thank you Carl." - Professional Comedian/Magician TC Tahoe
Message: Posted by: jlibby (Oct 23, 2010 08:50PM)
Time to bump!

I think this is a great magic app for the comedy performer. It's in the same realm as the bar code gag or the 52-on-1 gag, but then it does actually reveal the card. Great idea, Carl! I really like this and am building a routine for it now.

Joe Libby
San Antonio, TX
Message: Posted by: LukeB (Oct 23, 2010 10:25PM)
Is it possible to just turn over the iphone and reveal the prediction or do you have to shake it?
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Oct 24, 2010 07:27AM)
Luke, No it is not, shaking is the whole idea to get the visual spelling of the prediction with the drawing lines moving to form the letters.
Message: Posted by: jassu (Feb 17, 2011 02:54AM)
Is this Trick working only with English Words or I can use for Example German Words too ? Because I'am German and I want to buy this app.
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Feb 17, 2011 11:29AM)
Jassu, You write the words so you can use any language except when you use the default card trick but there is an option to do objects other than cards or simply write your own card in your own language although that method requires a force where as the english default uses any card named. It will work great either way!