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Topic: Review: Psychic Epiphanies Volume I by John Riggs
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Jun 28, 2010 07:41PM)
John Riggs is one of the best creative thinkers around the globe and his last two DVD set contain value information and routines for the serious Psychics and mentalist performer.

In the first Volume of Psychic Epiphanies you can find the following routines:

THROUGH TIME AND SPACE TRANSPORTED: Itīs a powerful pychokenetic routine using signed borrowed keys. Some keys bend, some breaks by the power of Performerīs mind and for the big kicker, the last key disappears, it was teleported to an impossible place.
The routine is simple to perform and gets powerful reactions from the spectators.
You need to get a commercial trick to perform one of the phases of the routine.

I AM--A REPRISE: Elemental powers run amok as you encourage audience members to help summon the sleeping spirit from within a piece of wood and with an explosive ending.
I canīt say more than the description to avoid exposure the routine. This one plays really big on stage.
Two easy and commercial PK items are needed to perform it. Iīm sure any mentalist already have at least one of them.

HYPNOBLISTER: This is an interesting effect; Performer is able to raise blisters ON THE FINGERS OF A VOLUNTEER using suggestion and hypnosis techniques.
I am a fan of Blister effects and this one surprises me a lot. I have never seen something like this.

DESIGN DUPLICATION DYNAMO: This is a multi-phase drawing dupe routine using one of John Riggīs clipboard.
The performer asks everyone in the audience to mentally draw a picture. He selects three people at random to come to the stage and take seats.
He has them draw pictures, seal them in large envelopes, and mixes them.
Opening two of the envelope, the performer gives in-depth personality readings based on characteristics of the drawings. Audience is allowed to vote, by applause, who they believe each drawing belongs to. Performer correctly identifies the artist. The third drawing remains unopened, but the performer using backward reasoning successfully duplicates it.
An audience member is asked to come to the stage and concentrate on their image. The performer steps behind a sketchpad easel and draws. When the audience member draws the image on the front of the pad, the performer shows he correctly duplicated the image.
This routine plays really big for stage; it is one of my favorites from this DVD.

THE LIVING AND DEAD BUTTERFLY: Itīs an easy and simple version of Living and Dead routine using a Butterfly pad. What I like is how John peeks the information. Itīs great!
Also, if you have a Butterfly Pad I high recommend his DVD “The Butterfly Intensive training Video”.

NO PRESENTATION FOR OLD MEN: Performer shows two bags on opposite sides of the stage. Then he asks for a volunteer to help him, Performer flips a coin into the air and states that if it lands heads, volunteer gets to keep what's in the bag that is located in one size. If its tails, volunteers gets the other bag. The coin is tossed high in the air; it falls onto the stage. This time it lands tails up.
So, Performer asks the volunteer to walk over to the selected bag and reach inside to its prize. Volunteer remove a nice price to keep it!
Performer lifts the other bag and turns it over, pouring out a large quantity of jagged broken bottle glass.
This is an easy-to-do routine where the volunteer always get the nice price.
In order to perform it you only need a special magic item.

ME SO HORNET: This is a Q & A stage routine using Hornet or Cicada Clipboards. In order to perform it as described you need about three or four gimmick clipboards and a number of regular clipboards. Each clipboard has pages of papers in order to ask for personīs name and whatever additional information.
Performer needs to make some pre-show work with the boards to get some important information.
The routing play powerful with the method John describes about how to get the information from the boards.
For the requirements, I can say that itīs possible to adapt a short version of this effect.

THE BLACK BOX COMPELS THEE: This is my favorite routine from the DVD; it uses an innocent Black Box to allow the Performer to make two amazing predictions.
During performance the Black Box is always closed and secure with rubber bands.
The performer asks the audience to think in some information to show later the two match predictions in the box.
When the audience participant opens the box, all they see is a folded card with a ticket stamped to it with the correct revelation of two predictions! You can predict whatever you want.
In order to perform it you need to find or build the Black Box, nothing difficult and some additional items most mentalist already have.
This is a strong effect with a complete script that plays well from close-up to stage.

DVD has a good quality audio and video.
John explains in deep detail each routine.
This is a high recommended DVD for serious mentalists and Psychics.
You can find from Mind Reading, Prognostication to Psychokinesis routines.
To follow John Riggīs ideas you need to have some mentalist background and tools.
John Riggs stuff is available at the following site: http://www.jonsaintgermain.com/books02.htm

Message: Posted by: Marqus (Oct 13, 2010 07:17AM)
Anyone having difficulties ordering from Riggs' site?

I tried approximately 15-20 times to place an order over the last few days & it won't go through.

(Pop ups are not being block either.)