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Topic: Best part of running a magic/entertainment business
Message: Posted by: Scott Burton (Jul 3, 2010 04:42PM)
Being inspired by the current "pet peeves" thread and Mary's suggestion to have a more positive thread, here we go! The fact is that there is so much to be grateful for and so much opportunity out there that it's hardly worth our time and effort to complain about the negatives (even though it can be more fun to complain).

I'll start:
This business has transformed my life. I don't have to work a "job", I get to do what I love, my wife can stay home to help nurture and raise our children (while running her own small business), and I'm sitting home today because I'm taking the summer months off to relax and enjoy time with the family.

I have so much to be grateful for. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

What is the best part for you? Let's have a thread that is positive an will inspire others.
Message: Posted by: MrHyde (Jul 3, 2010 05:30PM)
Employee of the Month - every time!
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jul 3, 2010 05:44PM)
You hit it on the head Scott - control of your professional life, which leads to the same in your personal life, doing what you love, and entertaining people to make them enjoy themselves and escape their problems, if at least for a while.

I too just came in from going for a walk and a dip in the pool (it's 105 degrees in Vegas today) and am enjoying my summer off (okay I took three gigs of longtime clients - it's hard to say no) and looking forward to the fall when things start back up again. The places I've traveled to, the people I've met, working when I want...to me it's all about happiness, staying healthy and having control. Good thread Scott.
Message: Posted by: MikeHMagic (Jul 3, 2010 06:15PM)
I like setting my own hours...but my boss is a jerk! LOL
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Jul 4, 2010 06:12AM)
To me it's getting my "annual review" every day. When a kid comes up to you with that glow in his eyes and tells you your the "bestest magishun," and whe the adult hands you your check and books you for another show. That's success. I never felt successful when working for others, even with great reviews and good bonuses, but I do now, every show.

Message: Posted by: tacrowl (Jul 4, 2010 06:16AM)
I love the travel. Right now I'm at an extended run at the ocean, entertaining vacationers. A paycheck to play and a hotel on the beach - life is sweet.
Message: Posted by: Scott Burton (Jul 4, 2010 08:24AM)
Great everyone. Keep 'em coming!

I'll add a couple more (and I invite you to contribute more as well):

I get the joy and satisfaction of helping others. I am also a speaker and trainer for corporations and I have a business coaching other small business people to grow and succeed with their business. I love knowing that I am contributing to other people's lives!

I really love that people are happy and excited when they see me. I had a past working life as a auto dealership service manager and people only asked to see me if there were massive problems. While I learned quickly to diffuse angry customers, I much prefer seeing people smile when they do business with me!

There really are so many things I could list.

What do you love about this business? Let's hear from more people as well.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jul 4, 2010 08:46AM)
Owning my own business to me means that I can refuse to do any job that I want to without getting a bad review from the boss.

The second thing I like is the short hours, and big pay checks.

The third thing I like is that I am a senior citizen, and performing works for me just like the pension that I don't have.

The fourth thing is I love the action.

The fifth thing I like about my job is that attractive women talk to me as if I was someone important.

The sixth thing is every once in a while little kids stop me at the mall, and say "mommy he is the magician that I saw at Johnny's party"
Message: Posted by: Vick (Jul 4, 2010 01:02PM)
For that 45 minutes on stage ......

The world is a better place,

for the audinece when they smile and laugh, think and feel

for me that they allowed me to accompany them on that journey
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Jul 4, 2010 01:12PM)
Thanks for the mention Scott but I was referring to Acecardition's Thread in food for thought. "What do you really love?"

I don't know how to post a link but here's his original post. Check it out as well as here.
On 2010-05-20 16:47, Acecardician wrote:
Okay, there is the topic on what we really hate, let this topic be for only the things we really love about our art.

One is that I still get the childhood fascination of magic.

And I love to see the laughter and fascination in others.

Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Jul 4, 2010 02:53PM)
Well if I may get a bit personal with you I will share this.

13 years ago I took the leap of faith to make magic my full time job.
I was married and just found out we were pregnant!
my daughter was born and just six months later my wife packed up and left both me and my daughter! Ihave been raising my duaghter for the past 12 years on my own

Magic has allowed me to raise my daughter! if I had still been working the 50-60 job I was doing before I would never had seen my daughter but with magic I have been able to travel this great country and bring her with me from Montana to Purto Rico I am trully blessed to have her in my life and we have so much fun in life becasue of being a full time magician for the past 12 years!

but there is more. 3 years ago I began to Lose my hearing and had to get hearing aids but funtioned fine however last year I became profoundly Deaf! I will admit I lost a little bit of my hope and my joy but family and friends and looking at hte beautiful face of my daughter I worked hard real hard to be able ot put on my full stage illusion show even though I am now profoundly deaf. I have learned signlanguage and embrassing my deafness and once agiain it is magic that is allowing me to be inthe drivers seat and to continue to do something I love so much- entertain others.

sorry to be so personal but I really wanted you to understand why I love magic and how it trully has blessed me. sure its hard work at times but the fact th at I get to make breakfast in the morning and tuck her in at night is something I will always treasure. the only think I cant do is hear! :)

Message: Posted by: Scott Burton (Jul 4, 2010 03:19PM)
Mary, you're still my inspiration!

Thank you for the personal shares everyone. Sam, you spoke from the heart and that is so valuable to all of us. Thanks!

My hope is that someone will get the inspiration through this thread to make this their life.

Someone reading this thread right now is hating their job and many areas of their life. I too was one of those people who thought I was "stuck" in my job I hated and that it simply was not possible to perform full-time (after being told for a dozen years by my parents as just one reason why I felt that). I know it is possible and I know that many people are loving the change that it has made for them. We've already seen examples.

Are their challenges? Of course. However, when you think about the benefits, the challenges seem to become so much smaller in comparison. Thus why a topic like this is so important IMO.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Jul 4, 2010 03:37PM)
Yea, one of the things I like about being a Magician is it's harder to tell if you're unemployed.

- Mary
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Jul 4, 2010 09:29PM)
One thing I liked about being an entertainer, was that I had the freedom in my schedule this past week to visit my Dad in the hospital while he underwent some heart surgery (unexpected emergency). If I had a full time job, I might not have had the same flexibility with my schedule.

Also, I love the kids / my audiences.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: MagicalDuda (Jul 4, 2010 11:50PM)
I Love the fact that I am making little Johny's 8th Birthday Party one to remember for the rest of his life!

I am 25 years old, and still remember my 8th birthday party , where my parents surprised me with a magician.

I have just started performing magic for children on a regular basis. every weekend I have been getting shows, and I hope it picks up even more, so I can quit my full time (night shift) job.

I love magic, I love seeing each and every kids reactions, I love making the kids laugh, and seeing the parents entertained.

I love that the kids see me as a big kid, and not an adult they may be intimidated by.

I love hearing the kids yell out how cool I am,

One of my favourites - I had a very annoying kid yelling out the explanation of the tricks every time I did one (whether they are right or wrong) then one particular trick he yells out... "woww.... now I believe in magic!!!"

I love taking care of my bunny and doves!!

I love it ALL! any tips on making it my full time careeer? lol
Message: Posted by: Jay Jennings (Jul 5, 2010 12:34AM)
I dropped out of school after the 8th grade to start performing full time -- I did that until I was in my early-20s and then I was burned out. What was the problem? Looking back I see that I knew nothing about marketing -- what I thought was, "Do a great show and word of mouth will do the rest!" Pfft. I had no idea the "business" part of "show business" was actually important.

That was 20-some years ago and in the last 2-3 years I've thought (more than once) that I should get back into performing, but honestly, the thought of making that leap is really scary.

Your posts here in this thread are inspiring me to give it another go -- thanks!. (But it's still scary.)

Jay Jennings
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Jul 5, 2010 05:45AM)
On 2010-07-05 00:50, MagicalDuda wrote:
...I love it ALL! any tips on making it my full time careeer? lol
YES!! The most important thing is to get Jim Snacks course called "Success In Magic." He is a valued member on the Café and his advice is really golden. Seriously this course paid for itself within 6 months after I got it and now with business down due to the tight money I find myself using it over and over and still learning and making money due to following Jim's advice.

If you want to make magic in today's market speak to Jim and get his course.

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jul 5, 2010 06:25AM)
With so much misery in the world, work politics, government politics, and so much stress in everyday life, just trying to make ends meet, the best thing about being a children entertainer is that all this is GOING!

There is laughter, there are many happy faces, and you the entertainer has made an impact on someone's life in a positive way. There cannot be a price placed on giving so much happiness, and in turn, you get an abundance of this happiness back!

You want happiness? Then give it, and watch the dividends return.
Message: Posted by: Scott O. (Jul 5, 2010 09:57AM)
After a 20 year hiatus from magic I caught the 'bug' again 16 years ago. At the time I was working a job that paid very well and offered some variety. However, I would come home many a night and talk about the monotony of it and my lack of interest. I really wanted to try magic as a business. However, that wasn't something a man with a family and a mortgage would do.

In 2002 that job left ME. The next job was in a different industry, but still didn't capture my passion. That job ended after a year and a half. That's when I made the leap into full-time performing. Was it a struggle? Oh yeah. Did I love it? OH Yeah!!

This is a great business. I do the things I love and I do the things that are necessary. It's still work, but its work that I can have passion for. Every time I go to perform, I know there will be people waiting there with smiles on their faces to see me. I get to have fun at work and bring enjoyment to others. That's a wonderful thing.

Are there challenges? Plenty. But I get to define the challenge and design the solution. In the end, every dollar that come in is a direct result of my efforts. That's very satisfying.

Although I don't take my summers off -- that's actually my busier time of the year -- I do get plenty of time to spend with my family. I can be here during the day and go fishing with my son, or build a giant 8' x 50' slip-n'-slide as we did a last Thursday. I couldn't do that if I was working 9 to 5.
Message: Posted by: Scott Burton (Jul 5, 2010 04:52PM)
Great additions everyone!

The ideal situation or formula for YOUR business may look very different from another person's. I have young kids so I value my summer off while others work the summer hard because that's where their clients hire them most. Some want to experience the joy of helping to celebrate a child's birthday party while others want to tour the world with an illusion show. Some value earning huge dollars while others enjoy a modest income but with more personal freedom and time. There is no "right" or "wrong" formula but, rather, the right formula for YOU! I love the freedom of choosing how I want to design my business (around my values).

How to make a living? Well, there is a reason that the word "business" is the longest word in the phrase "show business". Even the best performer will have a major challenge ahead of them to make a living if they don't have a grasp on the business end.

Business I consider a big passion of mine. I actually got hooked on business and marketing when I was 13 years old and got the cassette tape "Selling Your Act" by Brian Flora. As a kid, I bought up all of the Flora tapes, took business courses at the local college, earned my University degree in Commerce (majoring in marketing and small business entrepreneurship), and work in the marketing departments of companies in the auto and insurance industries.

However, I consider my greatest education to come as the result of building my own business: in creating goals, creating plans, taking massive action to implement the plans, then learning from the results (positive or negative results). You can learn from all the courses around but the true education will come from trying out the strategies to see what will actually work for you and your ideal business outcome.

I've had a PM messages but I will offer this here to those reading this thread:

If you are serious about launching or growing business and think coaching may help, PM me and I will give you a free business coaching session and 1/2 off the first month. Visit here to learn more: http://www.amazingcompanyevents.com/resources.php.
Message: Posted by: Scott Burton (Jul 5, 2010 04:53PM)
Let's try that again:
Message: Posted by: TheDean (Jul 5, 2010 05:28PM)
For ‘me’, it is the massive leveraging power of FREEDOM!

As others have commented:
= Freedom To CHOOSE!
= Freedom To Take ACTION!
= Freedom To Get Real RESULTS!
= Freedom To Work As-Much OR As Little As ‘I’ Want!
…on and on and on and on!

The Freedom to have the ‘choice & flexibility’ to focus on the things in life that are, for me, IMPORTANT.

Gotta LOVE Freedom! – Just another blog-post about it if you care to read…
= http://www.SuccessEminder.com

Book More Shows, Make More Money and Help More People! …‘not’ necessarily in that order!
Message: Posted by: Bill Hilly (Jul 5, 2010 10:09PM)
A couple of years ago I did a show for senior day at a county fair. I did a song I wrote about a railroad bridge not far from here. After the show a little old lady with a walker came up to me and told me how she would ride the train across that bridge to go to her granny's house. She gave me a kiss for giving her another ride to her granny's.

My mom, 82, with early Alzheimers, crippling arthritis, and 10% hearing with 2 digital hearing aids, went with me - a rare a precious thing for both of us. Mom saw what the lady did and got tears of pride for having a son who could bring that joy to people.

I gripe about a lot of things I don't like to do. But none of that really matters compared to what I'm able to do for folks that like little old lady and my mom.

I am humbly grateful,

PS. Sam - bless you sir. And thank you for sharing that.
Message: Posted by: TheDean (Jul 6, 2010 01:00AM)
Yah-Man... ain't that a kick in the head! - LOVE it when that stuff happens! Certainly makes it all worth all the hard work, eh'? - Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Jul 6, 2010 08:53AM)
The best part for me is two-fold:
First, I get to work with my wife. We are together 24/7 and love it that way. We both have the same interests. For instance, we carry our motorcycles on the road with us and ride every chance we get. We do pretty much everything together. Kristen is the hardest working person I know and I am continually amazed by her.

Second, We get to use this medium of entertainment to have an impact on people's lives. Seeing it firsthand or hearing about it later makes it all worth while.

Message: Posted by: shawn popp (Jul 6, 2010 01:08PM)
I get to stay home every day and see my little boy grow up! I couldn't be more blessed.

Message: Posted by: TheDean (Jul 6, 2010 01:14PM)
Now THAT is more than magic! - Awesome!
Message: Posted by: Scott Burton (Jul 6, 2010 02:54PM)
Nice! Family is a big part of it for me too :)
Life is way more than just working to get by.