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Topic: My new dove aviary
Message: Posted by: MikeRaffone (Jul 9, 2010 09:56AM)
Here's the new home for my doves. I used Professor Spellbinder's instructions with some sleight modifications and added the optional heating system. Since this photo was taken, I changed the chickenwire frame to a hinged frame that opens and flyscreen over top of the chicken wire (to keep the wasps out). I also replaced the perches that my helper mistakenly painted. I will update this photo with it later.

Spellbinder was extremely helpful with answering any questions I had during the building process.

Unfortunately they haven't been able to use it much lately because of the 102 deg weather we've been having. Someone needs to invent a portable air conditioner :)


Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 9, 2010 10:18AM)
Nice aviary, Mike. By the way, how did you make out with the rule about no aviaries at your house? I can't imagine anyone objecting to this structure but you never know.
Message: Posted by: MikeRaffone (Jul 9, 2010 01:41PM)
When I spoke to the county, they were more concerned with large aviaries than something like this so hopefully it will not be a problem.
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jul 9, 2010 08:35PM)
Looks real good Mike, thanks for sharing ther pic. Glad to hear the powers to be were just worried about big aviaries.
Message: Posted by: Gordon (Jul 12, 2010 11:33AM)
And you've got it in a great spot, sheltered from the wind. During the winter you might want to move it into the sun to help with heating (depending on the climate where you live).