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Topic: Camp Magic
Message: Posted by: Doug Peters (Jun 28, 2003 08:09PM)
Hi folks,

It's summer camp time again.
Last summer, I had a blast alternately entertaining and instructing campers between the ages of six and eleven. A loaded coin purse, four rubber balls, a pair of dice, two rubber bands, and a pocket full of balloons will be my staples. Can anyone recommend more "informal" camp material?

(The rope tricks come out in chapel time, because there are lessons attached. I'm asking about stuff I can show when asked. Remember: hands are grubby (i.e. no cards), I'll be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and everything [i]must[/i] be examinable (or at least switchable ;) ))

Thanks, Doug
Message: Posted by: mnmagic (Jun 28, 2003 10:55PM)

How about a shoelace to pull thru their finger... ala Klutz Book of Magic. I would invest in a couple of TT's and Darwin's 101 Effects book.

Message: Posted by: Doug Peters (Jun 29, 2003 06:00AM)
Thanks Shawn,

Great ideas. The only trouble with TT's is their widespread exposure: I've had many children accuse me of using a TT (when I was really using a Dye Tube :lol: ) -- and when surrounded in bright sunlight, if even one child has the inkling, they'll be sure to let everyone know!

Gotta love those kids :)

Thanks, Doug
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jun 29, 2003 11:28AM)
Great post Doug !
I don't know if I have any suggestions for what you're looking for but hopefully I can just add a little of my experience in this same regard.
A couple of ideas... I do the dime and penny trick ("Questionable trick" from Greg Wilsons On the Spot video). But add to it the message of not hiding our light under a bushel but to let it shine, as they have the dime (and I make sure it is a shiny one) in their hand and the penny resting on top of the back of their hand. The coins trade places and end up with the penny in their hand and the dime on top. If you don't know this trick PM me for a better explanation if interested. Another one that worked well for me is Pen thru bill although not examinable. Well depending on the one you use or if you switch. I share a message about how only Jesus can fill the hole that we have in the middle of ourselves sort of like the bill with the hole in it (once the pen has gone through) and make us truly whole.

I have gone as a counsellor the last 2 years to our junior camp and know what you mean.
I had some stuff on me during the day, including cards, that I would show to those that weren't seemingly involved in an activity etc. Then would offer to play fussball or whatever with them. Sometimes I drew a little crowd and other times it was one on one or two. But I was trying to not let anyone be just hanging around all by themselves. The card tricks worked just fine with me. All you have to do is wash your hands. I wouldn't rule out anything too quickly due to the grubbiness factor. I used magic in the cabin before lights out to sort of get things to calm down at least a notch or two.
I won't be going to our camp this year (used up too much of my personal vacation time already) but best of luck and God bless you and your efforts.

Message: Posted by: mnmagic (Jun 29, 2003 04:25PM)
That's sad about the TT. What effects are you using that they suspect it? Maybe we just have to use different ones. I have never had anyone say anything about mine. Unless for some dumb reason I just messed up.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jun 29, 2003 04:41PM)
Hotrods (I say hotrods, because I carry more than one with a different Key color, actually six different colors in different pockets to keep them straight) to do it again nearby when someone may have seen it before.

Ring and string, I saw a great Gospel routine at the last FCM international, Doug (and I forgot this name AGAIN!...rats...) from Laflins showed it at one of the late night breakouts, and it is published by Laflins as well.

Various different color wide rubber bands too. I love doing the CMH with ordinary bands, but get some larger ones in different colors (1/4 inch?) You can do the band penetation of your fingers with one brightly colored band, and after doing it a couple of times, then take another bright colored contrasting and use it, looping it around the tips of the fingers on that hand and then do the penetration again, explaining that people often think you somehow go around the tips of your fingers, and so this band will obviously put a stop to that.... And then watch their jaws drop when you do it again. Very visible. Nothing to it, and you can get a lot of folks involved and take a bit of time and have some fun.

And sponge balls! I never cease to be amazed at the effect of a good sponge ball routine on an audience of any age. And it isn't that hard either. They pack small, and make for some good fun.

Message: Posted by: harris (Jul 26, 2003 10:45AM)
PUPPETS Puppets, did I mention Puppets?

Puppets IMHO are great way to connect with people. I use them as marionettes, with and without Ventriloquism.

In fact the first puppet I bring out is used just as a "puppet" (of course with great character development).

Ala Wayland Flower's Madame, Dan D. Lion points out to the audience that while he talks, Harris' (hey that's me) lips are moving.

Singing with puppets is a great way to add variety to your programs. This could be lip synched (sic) but IMHO it would be better if you did the singing whether you are a trained singer or only sing in the shower when no one is around.

Harris Deutsch
Nearly Normal Ventriloquist
Message: Posted by: dynamite (Aug 9, 2003 12:14PM)
Talking about TT's. Since they can be spotted by those lovely kids no matter what, why not make it more "spottable"? I love using a pair of d'lites, ending up with a bag of goodies (I throw the "lights" into this "empty" change bag and come up with a full bag of - well . . . anything kids would love to have). This forces them to forget that once upon a time, they saw a TT.

All the best!