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Topic: MYI, Jessie F. James, Chuck Kirchner
Message: Posted by: CFI (Jul 18, 2010 10:21PM)
Hi All.
I am an originl member of MYI that stared from Eureka, Ks, that was organized from Jessie F. James, a decendent of the notorius Jeesie James.

The club was so cool. He would loan books to you for ten cents each and you could read them for a couple of weeks.

He would send you hand made post cards that explained the lending library. I could'nt wait to get a post card.

Our publication was called PIPS and Chuck Kirchner was the president. He now owns Magic City< one of the biggest wholesallers in magic.

more to come.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Jul 24, 2010 09:40AM)
That's exactly the kind of history I'd love to know more about! I'm sending you an email with a proposal. Welcome aboard!
Message: Posted by: ericdenver (Oct 4, 2011 10:56PM)
CFI / Skip,

Wow, pretty much a blast from the past -- the old MYI.

It's remarkable that from the club's humble beginnings and a long, convoluted series of teenage club startups, failures and mergers it eventually became today's teenage organization of the IBM.

I was one of the many editors of Pips and got to know a number of the members and adult advisors including Jess James.

Looking though some of my old MYI stuff I found a rather long, detailed historically accurate article of the history of MYI that was written by S. Brent Morris.

I'm willing to pass this along to anyone that's interested, but I'll have to get it in an electronic format first.

I wonder how many other teens from the 50's and 60's frequent the Café -- Perhaps not too many considering there haven't been too many posts.

Eric Dany
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Oct 5, 2011 08:34AM)
Eric, I'd love to include that article in our new upcoming publication. Would you mind emailing it to me? I'll PM my email address. If you have any original PIPS or Top Hats and would trust me with them, I would love to scan them for our digital archives and return them to you - our shipping expense, of course.

Message: Posted by: Joe Atmore (Oct 24, 2011 06:58PM)
I was a member back in the 1970's and remember that the first issue of Top Hat I received after I had joined had Dunninger on the cover. I knew it was meant to be! For a while, I wrote an interview column in Top Hat. My literary magic start. Can't remember them all, but I do remember Marlo and Schindler were subject matters. Fun stuff.