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Topic: Looking for solutions to securing wireless headset mic
Message: Posted by: MikeRaffone (Jul 27, 2010 08:58AM)

How do you keep the mic from falling off your face during performance?
I use invisible medical tape to secure it which has worked well, but on hot days, the sweat makes the tape come loose and then terribly disrupting the performance as the mic falls off.

Message: Posted by: Frank Douglas (Jul 27, 2010 09:41AM)

There are head worn mikes that hang over both ears that are almost invisible.

This uses a wrap around the back of your head over both ears.
AT8464-TH Dual-ear Microphone Mount with BP892-TH

It's an Audio Technica and it's not cheap (about $500 just for the mike sans body pack and reciever), but it's a dream to use.


Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Jul 27, 2010 02:52PM)
If you have an E6 Isomax, it really helps to have the clip attached to the exact center of the back of your collar, with enough slack to turn your head both directions far left and far right.

It's so light that it might feel more like it's not solidly in place than it actually is. I feel the same way as you, I wish that it was more stable, but usually that's just me more than the actual performance of the mic. But, I don't do as much stuff actively these days that might knock it off. I think that if you're creative, it shouldn't be impossible to add that wire that goes across the back of your head over to the other ear. Piano wire, clothes hanger wire, E6000, gaffers tape and maybe so heat shrink tubing could help quite a bit. But, then again, I could build my boat off of Gilligan's island with enough of that list on hand. As long as Gilligan wasn't helping.

Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Jul 28, 2010 10:09AM)
I went back and read the directions, and, voila, my Countryman fits better and more stable than ever. I don't know what brand that you have, but reading the directions again really helped out a lot. Now it fits a lot better, and it doesn't slip or wobble EVER!!!
Message: Posted by: MikeRaffone (Jul 28, 2010 01:21PM)
It is a Anchor EM-60T. I am not inclined to wrap more wires around my head unless there is no other solution.

Just to clarify more:
The transparent tape works fine if it is applied while the skin is dry. Even if I sweat a lot during performance the tape will stay securely attached.

The issue with the tape is trying to attach it before performance. On hot/humid days (90s and up), the skin has to be completely dry for it to attach securely or it doesn't stick at all.

Message: Posted by: MikeHMagic (Jul 28, 2010 03:04PM)
Perhaps if you swab the area with rubbing alcohol, will remove skin oil and th area should then dry well, just apply tape quickly before sweat or oil can reappear
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Jul 28, 2010 03:33PM)
Also, use surgical tape. My sweaty friend who DJ's outdoors in Houston swears by it!!!
Message: Posted by: MikeRaffone (Jul 28, 2010 08:01PM)
I'll try the rubbing alcohol.

surgical tape is what falls off.

These look promising:

Transparent duct tape:

or duct tape bandages:

Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Jul 30, 2010 11:36AM)
For anyone interested, here is a conversion piece by Countryman, specifically for changing a Countryman earset into a headset.