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Topic: Mixing board 2TK
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Jul 27, 2010 02:57PM)

I'm just posting this here to have it available on the www. On the mixing board where it says 2TK to Mix , 2TK to Control Room, 2TK refers to "2 Track", usually the RCA jacks that are on a compact mixing board, like the Alto, Behringer, or Mackie. These inputs require the input device to have it's own volume control, since it doesn't have a line level, trim, etc.

It doesn't refer to the "Channel 2" used for the second XLR/1/4" mic/line channel. 2-track is located out of line from the channels. How confusing for us newbies!

I looked all over the internet, and couldn't find the definition. Maybe now this will be able to be found. Especially when I forget it again.

Please post if any of this is not universally accurate.


Message: Posted by: yeats (Aug 3, 2010 11:26AM)
Yup - that sounds about right. Although I think my Alto mixer also has a level control for fine tuning the TK-In volume.