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Topic: "Street vs. Stage" fundraising show for Boys & Girls Club
Message: Posted by: Devereaux (Aug 6, 2010 10:32AM)

A fellow magician friend and I met in a coffee shop a few years ago and it did not take long for us to realize we shared the same passion. He is 10 years younger than I am, so while I grew up with DC, he was inspried by DB. Thus began a coffee shop debate that has not ended.

We ended up putting a show together that was set up as a "competition" between the two styles of magic. Lots of one-upmanship, comedy, etc. Since he was a site director for the Boys & Girls Club, we have done a series of performances benefiting this organization.

So...for your consideration-- I present to you-

STAGE- http://www.devereauxrising.com


STREET- http://www.whitetieentertainment.com

and...the show itself (no matter which side you are on, why not become a friend/fan?)


As we are gearing up for yet another series of shows, any entertaining routine ideas that showcase the two vastly different approaches to magic?

BTW- I had taken a break from magic for several years, it was great to be rekindled into this art. This youngster has become a good friend and the spirited competition continues off the stage as well.