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Topic: Ideas for how to keep a candle lit with Losanders table
Message: Posted by: miraclesawait (Aug 9, 2010 04:30PM)
I am in the semi finals for the Canadian youth talent search here in Canada. The semi finals are this Sunday. They are outside at the fair grounds here in Thunder Bay. The illusion I'm doing is Losanders Floating table. At the beginning of my act I light a candle and then use flash paper and throw it up in the air. It has been windy here lately and I don't think the candle is going to stay lit long enough to get the flash paper to it with out it looking sloppy.

My first thought was to take the candle stick I use ( about 8 inches long) and drill out the middle and stick one of those candles that don't blow out into the center. Unfortunately when I went looking for them I found out that those are against the law in Canada.

My second thought was to use one of those candles that are in the glass containers but for anyone who has one of Losanders tables you know this would be utterly impossible.

any suggestions I have 4 business days
Message: Posted by: Jeff Haas (Aug 9, 2010 11:31PM)
One thing that comes to mind is to use an electric candle - look in your local drug store, they sell these as "tea lights". Here's an example:


If you have a friend who is good with electronics and can solder, then you can rig up a switch that would let you turn this off, and use some kind of flash paper igniter to set off the flash paper at the same time.

However...I don't know if I would throw lit flash paper up in a windy place. You might want to come up with something slightly different that would be safe. A throw coil, like Jeff McBride uses?

Then you could have the electric candle sitting on the table while it floats. They come in different sizes, there are some larger ones available that might be better than the tiny ones in the link. Or, make a plastic or paper tube and stick the electric candle on the end to make it bigger.
Message: Posted by: maps (Aug 10, 2010 12:24AM)
Will an electric candle or even a candle flame be visible assuming it's done in daylight outdoors? Just thinking loud.
Wouldn't it be better to change the candle portion for that show,and use a vase with a rose on it or some other objects rather that the candle.
Message: Posted by: miraclesawait (Aug 10, 2010 12:52AM)
Wow brain is now rolling Thanks Maps I believe the rose and vase may work into the.
The electric candle would work thanks for the suggestion Jeff but it will be 6:30 so sun will be up so they wouldn't notice the flame Thanks guys. If your have any more suggestions I'm open to anything