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Topic: Video Examples
Message: Posted by: ChessMess (Jul 3, 2003 08:43AM)
What are everyones favorite sites to see other amature magicians (or professional) demonstrate tricks like the bill switch or coin flurry? I'm talking to videos you can click and watch.

I have to say one of my favorites is Dan Watkin's CoinVanish.com and the 'Coin Vanish Trio'... that video is what got me hooked on wanting to learn coin magic.

What about you?
Message: Posted by: Viper42 (Jul 3, 2003 09:09AM)
my two favorite are :



Message: Posted by: CardFan (Jul 3, 2003 10:48AM)
Yes these ones are the bests
Message: Posted by: ChessMess (Jul 3, 2003 10:54AM)
You know, as I watch some of these videos, its appers on some that the person 'drops' the/an item to achieve the effect and the appearance of being 'clean' at the end.

IMHO its unrealistic to do this just for a good video if you can't do the same in normal closeup.

This is in reference to bill switches without TT (I was looking for some with a TT btw... if you have some good examples). However I believe I've noted it before in other video examples.