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Topic: G'day From Australia....
Message: Posted by: TheAzzman (Aug 15, 2010 07:31PM)
Hey Guys, I'm Aaron Ducker, I have been studying the art of magic for about 4 years, also done stand up comedy for 4 years, strangely I've never actually felt I wanted to combine the two, magic in a comedy set would ruin the momentum of laughs, and when you try to do comedy in magic and can end up looking very cheesy, sure I can get laughs doing a magic trick, but that's just generally my natural dickyness to coin a word if it is not coined... anyway... during my 4 years in magic, and studying the art, I have created 5 of my own original effects.. and have filmed 3 of them for youtube by request of my friends who think I need to get em out there and show the world.... all my card tricks I use regular decks of Australian made cards... I don't use fake decks (i find them lazy, unskillful and just plain lame)... anywy here is vids of 3 of my tricks... 1 uses moves from wayne houchin that som of you may know, to create a different effect... but anyway

here are some vids, I'd love to hear what you guys have to say on these effects, I have put a lot of time and effort into each of them, and tried to take an effect, and do something new, like my coin through glass... which I called "glassed" (my girlfriend named it)... which I saw that all the other coin thru glass tricks looked gimmicked... unnatural handlings and angles, didn't look right or were just tricks for youtube that you could never do in a live situation.... so I hope you enjoy these tricks, including my signature card trick which is done with a regular deck of cards long way to the top... I'll shut up now... here are the links:

Aaron Ducker's "Triple Penetration" and "Glassed":

Aaron Ducker's Long way to the top:

and for those interested, this is my original presentation and concept for a TT routine... something I thought would be somethig different then the Usual TT routines out there... and has got good reactions:


anyway hey again... I'm really excited to be part of this forum... so yay ness

Keep the magic alive!

Message: Posted by: Chris Cheong (Aug 15, 2010 10:14PM)
Hi Aaron,

I have just watched your Aaron Ducker's "Triple Penetration" and "Glassed". I would say from my opinion - you would need more practice,need to be more relax and sharpen up your presentation. You have to stay natural when you do any moves.

Patter is important. Cut down unnecessary words. Setting and climax is important too.

Practice makes perfect.

And welcome to the forum.Have a great day. =)

Chris Cheong