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Topic: Q&A sessions
Message: Posted by: brownbomber (Apr 13, 2002 08:30AM)
I've never been to a mentalism stage show and I'd like to know how a Q&A session 'works'? There are many references in the books that I've got (Corinda, Waters etc.) but they assume that the reader knows happens at a Q&A session. :bunny:
Message: Posted by: leondo (Apr 13, 2002 10:37AM)
Q&A is the strongest effect in mentalism. It generally works like this:

Participants either prior to, or during the show write on slips questions that they'd like answered, then they are either folded or placed into envelopes, i.e.-

"Will I be going on a vacation this year? Sighned J.H."

All the questions are collected and openly placed in clear view of the audience, possible into a clear fishbowl. At some time during the show (usually at the close) the performer reaches into the bowl and takes one of the (still closed) envelopes or papers and receives thoughts of the contents and replys something like:

"This question has to do with traveling or possibly a vacation. I see that this person is in need of a respite from her daily struggles and in fact will get one on an upcoming and enjoyable trip to Hawaii. Judy, please enjoy yourself."

The performer may or may not open the envelope to check his accuracy.

That is basically the presentation of a Q&A act. When seen performed live by a competant performer, it is absolutely stunning and
can't be followed.

Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: brownbomber (Apr 13, 2002 06:01PM)
Thanks for your reply, Leondo! Again, pardon me for my terrible ignorance (owing to not having seen a session like this) - what exactly is it about Q&A the audience find this so stunning?
Message: Posted by: leondo (Apr 13, 2002 06:47PM)
It's difficult to put into words.
Think about it. You go to a "mentalism" show (whatever THAT is) and somebody asks you to write down a question that you may or may not know the answer to. You seal it into an envelope and it sits, along with many others, in full view until later in the show.

Later, the seer grabs one of the envelopes sitting there. It remains unopened. He says,
"I am getting some feelings about a career change. Somebody is interested in what I do. Yes, somebody is interested in becoming a seer. I don't know what it means, but the person, somehow, goes by the color "brown". I'm not sure how that adds into the equation but I see a great future ahead for this explosive, brown man."

Hope that helps,
Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: brownbomber (Apr 14, 2002 06:27AM)
Again many thanks, Leondo - I think I'm kinda getting a much better understanding of it now.
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Apr 14, 2002 03:28PM)
Q&A is definitely one of the strongest things one can do in mentalism. It's early roots are in the traveling spiritualist days. Querstions are asked and answers provided by the medium/psychic. Now a days many call it Q&A but it is really providing the secret "thoughts" that are trying to be sent to the mentalist.

Having your audience write down the
"questions" before hand and then holding the sealed envelopes to ones forehead is one of the more antiquated methods/presentations used today. Some of us use "graphology", some of us use slips of paper that are never collected, some collect them but do not hold them to their foreheads and some of us do not have anything written at all. There are numerous methodologies that can be utilized in a Q&A session.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: The Bear (Apr 15, 2002 07:58AM)
In a nutshell, Q & A is about the participants favourite subject, themselves. It's why psychic readers, astrologers, clairvoyants etc. continue to be popular with the masses, despite our living in a so-called enlightened technical age.
Message: Posted by: brownbomber (Apr 18, 2002 10:38AM)
I'm quite interested in Paul's reference to the methodology of not using slips of paper at all (which indeed sounds a bit anachronistic now). Is there anywhere where I could find a list of the various contemporary 'methodologies' employed by practicing mentalists? :bunny:
Message: Posted by: leondo (Apr 18, 2002 11:08AM)
There are many methods as Paul mentioned other than the "classic" presentation that I described.

You may want to reference Lee Earle's video,
"Q&A Teach In", or Bob Cassidy's recently released CD of many of his famous thoughts/works on the subject. John Riggs has published many fine books on the subject and is a must read regarding Q&A.

That should get you started.

Good luck with your search,
Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: Alan Wheeler (Apr 18, 2002 10:31PM)
I think Kreskin used objects such as car keys from the audience to catch the needed "vibes"; at that time a lot of the audience members were listening to 8-tracks and wearing mood rings.
Have a nice day. :)

Message: Posted by: leondo (Apr 18, 2002 10:49PM)
As you are probably aware, using objects to get "vibes" for telling of the subjects personallity, traits, future, etc, is psychometry.
Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: brownbomber (Apr 20, 2002 07:03AM)
Thanks for the references, Ted, that's a great help! :bunny: BB