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Topic: Deck of cards giveaway
Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Sep 27, 2010 09:02PM)
I did a gig at a wedding last Saturday. There was a kid there who was really into magic (but obviously not as into it as we are). At the end of the night I gave the kid my deck of cards as a souvenir. The deck itself was worn and missing cards, so I didn't really mind giving it away. This kid was so happy he might keep the deck for years. I realized that this could have been a good opportunity to leave a business card stuck to the card box. He could show it to his parents and they might keep it because they see how much junior liked the magic. This isn't just for kids, but anybody who really seems like they would want you for a show in the future. Does anyone do anything like this?

I realize this idea has downsides. At another recent gig I gave a deck of cards away (without a business card) to a kid who was really into the show. My closer was the bill in lemon and that was his favorite. A week later I get a phone call at 11pm and its the kid! He was calling to ask me how the bill got into the lemon. I was more interested in how he got my phone number. Apparently he searched though facebook and eventually found my fan-page and my phone number. Now imagine if I had actually put my business card on the card-box, he would have been bugging me much sooner.

I obviously don't have any tricks that I want to force into my act as an excuse to give away my business card. The approach I'm really going for with this is like at the end of a rock concert the guitarist breaks the guitar and gives away the pieces. People keep those forever. Obviously the rock stars don't need those fans calling them to play their birthday parties. But, they created a souvenir that is long lasting. I want that same approach but applied to magic. I want my guitar, I mean deck cards (or whatever), to have my name or contact information on it. Business cards are good, but when's the last time Angus Young gave you his business card? I'm sure even if he did, you would have lost it.