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Topic: Van Dokkum mini baseballs
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Jul 10, 2003 10:42AM)
Just heard from Auke van Dokkum that he decided to sell his mini baseballs thru his website: http://www.cupsandballs.nl

I've been using his baseballs since the early beginnings and I simply don't want anything else. They are very expensive since he personally makes them (no craftsman/woman could offer him the high standards he demands for these balls). Put them next to any other comparable product and you see the difference.

Anyone who has handled Van Dokkums cups knows he only goes for the best!
The same with these balls...
Message: Posted by: cataquet (Jul 23, 2003 12:47PM)
I just got back from FISM, and saw van Dokkum's balls up close and personal. I compared them to other balls that were available and these balls have two big advantages:
(1) Complete customisation. Auke will make up any size and color combination that you want.
(2) Absolute quality. His balls are easily the best.

Now the downsides:
(1) Price. If you have to ask how much they are, you probably can't afford them. :lol:

Yes, they are expensive, but if you paid more than $70 for a cup, you have to buy one of these balls.

Bye for now