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Topic: Globalls
Message: Posted by: philipi56 (Jul 11, 2003 05:45PM)
Has anybody had any experience with globalls, astroballs, or stroballs? They look very interesting (and expensive).
Message: Posted by: Lithix (Jul 25, 2003 12:00AM)
I don't personally have any...though I wish I could afford a set.

I've played with someone's astroballs at a juggling convention before and it was a ton of fun!

If it's nearly pitch black, the balls leave a streaking trail of light wherever they go. I thought this was just an effect from the camera but it's actually visible in person. They make different patterns stand out extremely well—especially if you do something fast like chops.

A good size/weight for juggling, satisfactory brightness. The only negative thing I can say about them is that they are too expensive for the common man. :(
Message: Posted by: Alessandro Scotti (Jul 29, 2003 05:57AM)
I have three yellow globalls—the original (expensive!) ones—and they are great though quite heavy. However, I do not recommend the yellow color because it's very unsaturated and doesn't look nearly as good as red or blue.

As for durability, putting aside my own drops, I have seen someone juggle five of them and when you miss a ball it drops from a decent height. Still, they continued to work flawlessly.
Message: Posted by: Paul Jester (Aug 6, 2003 03:57AM)
I have three globalls, two red and one blue. The red ones leave the best trail of light and the blue one looks eerie. Practically, they are very good. They are extremely durable—apparently they were tested by driving along the motorway and being thrown at sign posts and they still worked—batteries last longer than you should ever need them too—about six hours good time—and they are easy to clean if they get wet.

For juggling, they are a little heavy until you get used to them. Then they are very good for complex or stylish patterns. They also look good when moved fast, like for chops or Rubenstiens Revenge.

I've had nothing but praise for these. People always ask me to juggle these and they do look good.

On a side note, if you get red ones you have to get D'Lites because people love it when I "take" some of the light from my globall and go into my D'lite routine, then put it back. Works wonderfully.

Message: Posted by: joculari (Aug 7, 2003 08:09PM)
Has anyone seen the aerotech gloclubs?


You think balls are expensive? Look at the clubs!


Also, if you're looking for good prices for globalls try Goudurix or Higgins.
Message: Posted by: Lithix (Aug 12, 2003 10:33PM)
I haven't handled any in a while—when sealed, do they have a smooth surface? Eg—could I use one to contact juggle with?

I'm considering buying an acrylic to get back into contact juggling with, but I also have a strange fascination with glowing objects...presumably brought on by my love for raves. I'd love to bust some mad patterns at a party, so I'm pondering a glowing investment...but 50 bucks per ball seems ridiculous.

Has anyone tried the proballs or astroballs? Are they worth the extra money? What are the best colors to get?
Message: Posted by: philipi56 (Aug 13, 2003 08:08AM)
Dube and Renegade have some awesome looking UV acrylics. They're clear until you put them under a blacklight, then they turn an eerie blue or green. They aren't as expensive as globalls, but they're still pricey.
Message: Posted by: joculari (Aug 15, 2003 05:20PM)

Luminous balls at $12 each. I've tried them at a juggling Con in Montreal. They have a very soft feel. They're great I'm ordering a set soon.
Message: Posted by: Lithix (Aug 16, 2003 01:11AM)
I don't like those nearly as much as globalls. They aren't 1/10th as bright. It's like juggling candles when you could be juggling suns. :firedevil:
Message: Posted by: samcat (Aug 30, 2003 04:53AM)
I have one green, one orange and one programmable one that goes between blue and red...

They are excellent, quite expensive but [b]very[/b] good bits of kit. They stand up to being dropped well, they glow for quite a while on a single charge, and if juggled outside when there's no light they can really freak people out, especially if you handle them such that your fingers don't block the light. :)

The programmable ones are excellent. Get three with overlapping colors (red/blue, blue/white, white/red) and set them to change color when caught. You can [b]really[/b] confuse people when juggling them as you catch the red ball and it jumps into your other hand (or it looks that way).
Yes, they can be used for stageball work. There is a small hole (about four to five mm across) where the charger plugs in. It's not an issue, I have used them as stageballs many times. They are a bit heavier than most stageballs though.

The clubs are even better. :) Love the things.

I chatted with some of the guys at Aerotech a while ago. They are working on a new ball...one ball with all the colors in it (!) using RGB leds which will be fully programmable with a pattern. So for a juggling routine set to music the colors/strobe speeds/fades can be timed to the music. :D

Cheers for now,
Sam C