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Topic: What should be included in the fine print of a magic contract?
Message: Posted by: DarryltheWizard (Apr 15, 2002 07:45PM)
When I was 17, I got the chicken pox, and just when I was at my worst , I had to perform for over 1000 kids during a Christmas Party. I had no contract, and by the powers that be I had to perform. With a bottle of my mother's Covergirl make-up , I did the show and after it was over, I think I must have slept for over 48 hours straight. It proved to me the value of having a written contract.
I immediately put in a sick clause. Later I
added things like:
Background music during the performance should be turned off.
Kids should be surpervised and remain seated during the performance. At present, I am revising and updating my contract form. What elements should I have in it with regard to refunds, cancellations, Public address systems, fellow performers if more than one performer is on the bill, liability- accidents that occur during an effect, etc.
Darryl the Wizard, trying to cover his a**! :bigdance:
Message: Posted by: Alex Reeve (Apr 17, 2002 06:39AM)
You can look a little further in this section, a post called Contracts. There are a lot of ideas in this post