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Topic: Pablo Amira´s 52 Pieces of Printed paper review
Message: Posted by: MentalistCreationLab (Oct 21, 2010 12:34PM)
I just finished reading my copy of Pablo Amira´s 52 Pieces of Printed paper.

First, let me say that this work is Pablo’s finest work to date.

The work is 169 pages fully illustrated with photos and some embedded video.

All of this makes 52 Pieces of Printed Paper by Pablo Amira a great work just from a visual perspective. The contents contained in this 169 page work are very usable to any performer who works with cards on a regular basis or for the mentalist that only works with playing cards occasionally. In either event this work is a true gem.

The essays are a bit sort in length but do convey the ideas and concepts very well to the reader.

Here are just some of the contents of this work;

Essay: Cards for mentalism?

Participant as a Mindreader: Expand the perception of your participant, and let him to read the mind of another person.

Amirá´s Dribble Glimpse: Another way to know a “thought of card”.
Unnamed Spread Force: An easy and deceptive Spread Force.

Reverse Spread Glimpse: An option for glimpsing a card after a peek from the participant.

Wiccut Overhand False Shuffle: My way to overhand false shuffle cards without even cutting the deck.

Essay: Cards vs. Experience.

Layman`s Double Lift: Based in experiences, a normal looking double lift.

Action and Thought: Predict a thought and an action from a participant. This effect is perfect for walk-around and for handing out your business card.

Trance Clairvoyance: Out of your influence (maybe), your participant connected with his unconscious finds the mate of a playing card left on the table.

Non Verbal and Mental Communication: The classic “Think Stop” effect with a logical and interesting presentation.

Amira´s B´wave: My way to perform the classic with the advantage to have the opportunity to give the predicted card as a souvenir

Memory to Remember: A memory expert needs preparation when he wants to give a demonstration in memory? Neither do YOU!

Dermovision: Perform an amazing and real demonstration in dermovision with a pack of cards.

This is such a wonderful work and contains some real gems within its pages that I recommend it to anyone wanting to add a few brilliant works to there performance.

I give this work an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10. I really enjoyed this work and its creative think when it comes to some older effect and forces. The new take on just some of these works is worth many times the price of this manuscript and there is a lot more in this work than can be mentioned in a review.

Bill Montana
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Oct 24, 2010 03:25PM)
Thanks Bill!

A review from you means a lot!.

Yeah, this pieces are truly workers for any mentalist/magician who wanna creates cool pieces with playing cards. Psychology and why use playing cards are share in that eBook.

Message: Posted by: KyleMacNeill (Oct 25, 2010 06:16AM)
Hi all,

I have to say, from what I have read so far, this Ebook is BRILLIANT!
It is Jam - Packed with lots of interesting concepts, ideas and effects.
Congratulations on another brilliant release Pablo!

Best wishes,

Message: Posted by: Amirá (Oct 26, 2010 03:48PM)
Hi Kyle!

Thanks for your words .

Until Halloween... Any of my eBooks just 10 bucks!

More info in my blog !
Message: Posted by: Rebecca_Harris (Oct 27, 2010 04:38AM)
I love this book, Pablo's obviously put some thought into what he's published here and it really shows. I must admit that I've not finished reading this yet but what I've read so far is really top notch. There are so many thoughts and ideas that I'm going to take away use and at the price that Pablo's offering it, it's a steal.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Oct 27, 2010 06:35PM)
Thanks a lot Becky !

The first feedback from a lady ;)
Message: Posted by: Eddiep1960 (Jan 11, 2011 05:11AM)
I just heard great comments about this E-book. Money sended Pablo!
Message: Posted by: KingOfDiamonds (Jan 11, 2011 06:10AM)
The ebook is well presented and it is a great (and pretty long!) reading.

You have a great variety of methods to choose from, often inspired (and always quoted) by the work of the best mentalists around.

I don't know about others but if you're a beginner, it is a great way to improve your mentalism act and knowledge.


Message: Posted by: Eddiep1960 (Jan 11, 2011 05:53PM)
I will add my words to the words of the other members. This E-book is full with great ideas. All 100% impromptu effects (with exception of his take in the classic B`wave). My favorite idea is the Memory routine. I try it today and works great. I don't have too much sleight of hand, but Pablo puts videos in the E-book for the sleight.
Also several new techniques.
A recomended E-book from me. Great price. I have 2 E-books already from Pablo, and Im anxious to buy the other ones and take a look to new ideas.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Apr 7, 2011 08:38AM)
I find this old post today.

Thanks Eddiep1960(RIP) and KingOfDiamonds .

If you want to amaze your audience and even fool some performers,
you can do it as me and use my rendition of B´wave.

Message: Posted by: psychicavel (Jun 8, 2011 02:02PM)
Great thinking behind. It´s a real steal

Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jun 19, 2011 10:55PM)
Just for today! This eBook is in a CRAZY price.

More info [url=http://www.amirasideas.com/]HERE[/url]
Message: Posted by: dscanning (Jun 20, 2011 08:55AM)
It is still charging $20. Yikes!

Doug Canning
Message: Posted by: EricDraven (Jun 20, 2011 09:46AM)
On 2011-06-20 09:55, dscanning wrote:
It is still charging $20. Yikes!

Doug Canning

You pushed the wrong button!
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jun 20, 2011 06:05PM)
On 2011-06-20 09:55, dscanning wrote:
It is still charging $20. Yikes!

Doug Canning

You already press the correct button my friend. Share your thoughts of this document after your reading!
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jun 21, 2011 07:17AM)
Thanks for your interest in this "Crazy Day" 52 pieces of paper for mental demonstration eBook offer. Is over now.

Stay tune for more !
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Oct 21, 2011 03:02PM)
pass: eBook´s password

A new way to work with the "Unnamed Spread Force" from this [url=http://mentalismcards.blogspot.com/]eBook[/url]

Enjoy ;)
Message: Posted by: rickhypno (Oct 30, 2011 12:45PM)
Great force and very easy ,thanks.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Dec 14, 2011 02:49PM)
Holiday Gift ! One review free copy for the first one who PM me.
Message: Posted by: davidmag (Dec 14, 2011 03:51PM)

Thank you Pablo! Can't wait to dive in...
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Dec 19, 2011 03:50AM)
On 2011-12-14 16:51, davidmag wrote:

Thank you Pablo! Can't wait to dive in...

Enjoy your copy and let us know your thoughts and experiences with the effects and techniques.

I still use that pieces, especially my version of B´wave. Super practical and powerful.
Message: Posted by: davidmag (Dec 19, 2011 02:18PM)
You bet I will...

Short on time, but almost half way thru..
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Dec 31, 2011 08:20PM)
In the meanwhiles, I just place my book on Lulu, so anyone interested in getting a printed copy, can enter here:

Message: Posted by: papawemba (Jan 5, 2012 06:38AM)
I wonder, is anyone using the "Amira Dribble Glimpse" ?
I like it because it’s very direct but at the same time, I think spec can be suspicious of the glimpse...
Also if the jog is too short, you only get to peek the value :)

Any though on this ?

Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jan 5, 2012 11:52AM)
On 2012-01-05 07:38, papawemba wrote:
I wonder, is anyone using the "Amira Dribble Glimpse" ?
I like it because it’s very direct but at the same time, I think spec can be suspicious of the glimpse...
Also if the jog is too short, you only get to peek the value :)

Any though on this ?


Check your Inbox ;)
Message: Posted by: davidmag (Jan 20, 2012 04:39PM)
O.K. recently I have finished with the book and must say that I like it.

There is a lot of ideas,concepts and effects in there.More than 160 pages.The only thing that I didn't like are the blank pages.

From the effects I really like are:
-Participant as a Mindreader where a spectator read the mind of another person. Thinking behind this is really good, although I saw similar idea elsewhere.
-Amira's B'wave: a classic without gaffs plus psychological force.This is a worker.
-Memory to Remember where the mentalist is capable of memorizing a deck of cards. Some nice handling in here.
-Dermovision: the performer reveals the colour of the cards just by touching them;revealing pocketed card and thought of card.

For the price $20 this is a no brainer.


Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jan 27, 2012 06:41PM)
Thanks for the feedback davidmag in [url=http://mentalismcards.blogspot.com/]52 pieces of printed paper for Mental

This is great impromptu material for everyone interested in Card Mentalism.
Message: Posted by: Myke Phillips (Jan 29, 2012 03:59PM)
This sounds great,I think I'll have to pick this one up.

Message: Posted by: Amirá (Mar 13, 2012 10:02AM)
This document is available in eBook and printed format in my Lulu Store.
Cards CAN be effective in creating a good performance.