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Topic: Does anyone work on their own figures?
Message: Posted by: Carl Mustaine (Oct 25, 2010 02:05PM)
I am curious to see if anyone makes adjustments on their own figures.

I have a vintage Clinton Detweiler figure (see avatar!) who has a noisy mouth (when it shuts) and his eyes don't self centre properly and are noisy, (they look to his left).

I have spoken to Clinton Detweiler, who has offered to refurb him for me, however,I am in the UK and I am worried that I will lose him in the post, (and annoyed that I will probably have to pay a 2nd set of Customs/Duty charges!).

Having a look at various internet resources and Books etc, it does not look that these will be difficult to fix, probably some sponge or felt strategically placed inside the head and a few adjustments to the eye mechanics.

Does anyone think that this is beyond the scope of a beginner?

Thanks (yet again!) for any advice anyone can offer.


Message: Posted by: tacrowl (Oct 25, 2010 02:39PM)
Take a look at Al Steven's blog on the Fred Project.


If it looks like something you want to tackle, then go for it. The worst case scenario, you end up sending it back to Clinton!

Good luck,