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Topic: Duane Laflin
Message: Posted by: Warren Peace (Apr 16, 2002 01:16PM)
Okay, so I'm not exactly sure how to spell his name, but I am a big fan of his work and his newsletter. Someone said on an earlier thread that Duane was going to be re-opening his website in April...any idea if that actually happened and if so what is the address?

Thanks for any info!
Message: Posted by: johncrosby (Apr 18, 2002 11:50PM)
The website is http://www.laflinmagic.com and it is still under construction. His e-mail address is laflinma@libby.org. I have been reading his book, Greater Gospel Magic and I am thoroughly enjoying it. He truly is a wonderful talent and God has truly blessed him and his work.


Message: Posted by: Warren Peace (Apr 19, 2002 12:56AM)
John, Thank you very much!!
Message: Posted by: danmagi (Apr 27, 2002 10:48PM)
Duane Laflin's site is now up. http://www.laflinmagic.com
Message: Posted by: johncrosby (Apr 28, 2002 09:44PM)

His site is up as a front only at this time. It is still being worked on. Considering he is extremely busy travelling the country, he is probably taking his time to make it an awsome site. He would never want something to just be like everything else and I am sure it will be worth the wait.

John :cool:
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (May 8, 2002 02:52PM)
Duane has been on the road quite a bit of late. He was in Akron for a lecture to the Northeastern Ohio Fellowship of Christian Magicians and then to Canton, Ohio for the Battle of the Magicians where he performed and MC'ed the Friday Night Show. He was great by the way, as performer and MC.

I don't know where he was driveing from there, but Ohio is one long drive from Montana!

So I agree with John that he is probably pretty busy and when the site is done it will be 1st class.

Duane never even lectures - unless he is dressed to perform! I admire his professionalism! So the site will likely be worth the wait.